South African Firearms Module Defaults - Committee

South African Firearms Module Defaults - Committee

Defining and managing Association Committees.

Login in to your XMS Systems based website and navigate to the Admin section > Dashboard > Firearm Module > Firearm Module Data > Committee Types

Committee List

Committee List

Pretty self-explanatory. Click “add new” to add a new Committee type.

Click “edit” to manage a specific Committee type.

Update a Committee Type

Committee Type update

One thing to note here is that you will not be able to delete a specific Committee type if it is used by a member.

Members using this specific Committee type will be listed for your reference.

Using/Displaying Committee Types to Members

In line with the rest of the Firearms Module, Members are responsible for adding themselves to the committee they serve on. Admin does have the option to manage the selected Committees per member.

Member Display

Committee display for members

Admin display per member

Committee display in Admin section

Written by:  - 26 Jul, 2019  
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