XMS Systems

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XMS Systems User Manual

As usual this is a work in progress and we focus on aspects that users might find tricky...

Development and Change Log (2)

Development and Change Log Atricles

This is where you will find the latest stuff we are working on. The latest release notes are available here and you are invited to add your comments or discuss new features or improvements.


Getting Started (6)

Getting Started Atricles

First steps on your journey to a successful website built with XMS Systems.


General (14)

General Atricles


Front End (2)

Front End Atricles


Article And Blog Module (4)

Article And Blog Module Atricles

The XMS Systems Article and Blog Module is a powerful module to easily add and manage content to your website with built in social network sharing capabilities, build in image gallery, pfd file generation, visitors commenting and more.


Bookings and Scheduler (5)

Bookings and Scheduler Atricles


XMS System Users (4)

XMS System Users Atricles


Links and Downloads (3)

Links and Downloads Atricles


E-Commerce Module (21)

E-Commerce Module Atricles

Integrated E-commerce module for all your online shopping needs.


XMS POS Module (11)

XMS POS Module Atricles

Integrated E-commerce Point of Sale module for all your online shopping needs.


System Email Configuration (3)

System Email Configuration Atricles


Social Networking (7)

Social Networking Atricles


Content Editor (6)

Content Editor Atricles


Tour Management (10)

Tour Management Atricles


XMS Testimonial Module (3)

XMS Testimonial Module Atricles


Newsletter Module (7)

Newsletter Module Atricles

Integrated Newsletter module supporting multiple lists with an integrated opening tracking bug. 


Advanced Features (5)

Advanced Features Atricles


XMS Systems Security (7)

XMS Systems Security Atricles


Configuration (1)

Configuration Atricles


XMS Systems Image Gallery (6)

XMS Systems Image Gallery Atricles

Configuring and Using your XMS Systems Image Gallery


Training and Exam (8)

Training and Exam Atricles

Training and Examination module configuration and use.


Multilingual (3)

Multilingual Atricles

Under Development


Aircraft Sales Module (8)

Aircraft Sales Module Atricles

A flexible online tool to sell aircraft online. Integrates fully and seamlessly with XMS Systems.


South African Firearm Collectors Module (10)

South African Firearm Collectors Module Atricles

The XMS Systems Firearms Collectors Module is a dedicated module to the South African market.
The aim of this module is to make it easy to manage your firearms and competency certificates for your firearm license.