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Generate never-expire access token for Facebook Page.

I created this app as a last resort to generate never-expiring access tokens for Facebook pages after the latest round of changes made by Facebook broke my integrated app in XMS Systems backend again and resulted in most, if not all the Facebook-XMS Systems integrations failing again

This app is loosely based on a number of different solutions I found on StackOverflow. There is no error checking and validating of the different bits of information other than checking if you actually entered anything into the fields.

What about security?

You can safely enter your “Facebook App Secret code” as I do not store any of the data anywhere. Once you close the page or reset the form, your entered data is gone from my website.
The only tracking we do is with google analytics to track the page usage.


Altho anyone can make use of this app. Support will only be given to XMS System users with active licenses. All other support requests will be handled on an “if I have time to respond” basis. If you keep on bugging me for an answer I will most probably file your support requests in “file 13”.

Be nice, it is free…

Where to start?

We are going to assume you already have your app configured and have access to your App ID, App Secret and Facebook Page ID.

For a detailed tutorial on Facebook Access Tokens, you can read this article on “Facebook Access tokens and how to get them

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