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cPanel Account expiry notice email

cPanel Account expiry notice email

A phishing email apparently from cPanel claiming your cPanel account will expire.

The latest scam/phishing email doing to rounds targeting website owners is trying to exploit the new cPanel license changes.

The email is a plain and simple html based email without any images or personal information.

Unfortunately, I do not have the email headers to see where it actually comes from

Email Subject Line: Account expiry notice

Email Content: This is an exact copy. The only change is I removed the link.


This is to inform you that your CPANEL account will be expiring soon due to inactivity. You are required to sign in for account automatic renewal.

To sign in click here.

Thank you for using our services.
cPanel, L.L.C.

The link points to

3 things to note about the link

  1. No SSL protocol in use for the domain.
    Something cPanel would never do.
  2. the domain name is something other than as per the sender email address and actual domain name.
  3. a Redirect.htm as the page you going to view. Absolutely no reason for a redirect when dealing with a business

When you click the link, the redirection takes you to a different website

Once again nothing to do with cPanel. However, the page displayed would look very familiar.

Fake cPanel page

Fake cPanel login

Example of an actual cPanel login page

Example of a Real cPanel login page

It would be easy to see how someone unfamiliar with cPanel would confuse the two.

Completing the fake page, you will actually be redirected to the official cPanel website without any notice.

Legit cPanel website at the time of writing. website

Ho can I stop this kind of emails?

it is very hard to keep up with different spam and phishing email filters on the email clients and mail servers. Altho, we at Exelwebs, are constantly updating the free scanners on our mail servers, it is virtually impossible to keep up.

To block nearly 100% of viruses, malware and spam before they ever reach your inbox you can invest in online 3rd-party filters. Exelwebs “sells” subscriptions from SpamExperts at a very affordable monthly subscription. You have 3 options to choose from, each available separately, but the idea would be to build up from the first till the last as your requirements changes.

SpamExperts Incoming Mail Filters
prices accurate at the time of screen-capture

SpamExperts Outgoing Email Filters
prices accurate at the time of screen-capture

SpamExperts Email Archiving
prices accurate at the time of screen-capture

Notice to XMS System and Exelwebs clients.

  • Exelwebs are taking care of your cPanel account licenses.
  • Your cPanel account will only expire, be suspended if you fail to pay your bill after several notices via email to the primary account holder. This decision is taken by Exelwebs and not cPanel
  • You do not have to login via your cPanel to verify or “keep your account active”
Written by:  - 25 May, 2020  
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