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Changes To Your Broadband - BT Scam Alert

Changes To Your Broadband - BT Scam Alert

This week it seems BT is the target of a scam/phishing exercise.

Received this very legit looking email this morning and it nearly caught me out.

Thanks to my anti-virus and Internet protection program on my laptop, that is up to date, I was saved from falling in the trap.

The email

  • The email subject title is: “Changes to Your Broadband”
    A typical email that BT and indeed any legit company can use.
  • The email sender is: “Account Management” but crucially the email used is not a BT email as one would expect.
  • Overall Look and Presentation: Well compiled with very few obvious errors.

My first thought was, well this is silly but I was intrigued enough to click on the “Accept” button, fully expecting to end up on the BT website. I was rather surprised to be blocked from the website by my Internet Protection software and rather ashamed to admit I have been caught out I might add.

BT Scam Email

Click Accept...

When you click on the button the following page will be displayed if your protection is not up to date.

Take note of the highlighted areas

  1. The URL is the most important bit here
  2. The BT ID field in the fake login will be “pre-populated” with your BT ID (the email account identifying your BT account)

Fake Phishing Page

Fake BT Login

Real BT Login Page

Real BT Login Page

Have you been caught out?

If you have been caught out by this, you have given the scammer access to your BT account, your BT email contact list, BT Cloud Storage and whatever you have set up on your BT account. Easy to steal your identity and affect everything you have.

You can also forward the email to BT on the following published email address:

Change your passwords immediately then contact BT to notify them of this and report it to your local police.

Be Save and do not click those links!!!

Yip…. I know… famous last words… Make sure your anti-virus and Internet protection software is up to date. You never know, it could be you next.
Written by:  - 10 Jul, 2019  
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