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domain sales scam alert

domain sales scam alert

Beware of trying to steal your money for registering a domain with them.

From time to time companies would trawl the internet and try to convince you that your domain is due to expire or have some sort of problem. I just received the email below for the first time.

Since 2012 [EasyDomains] NETwork help you getting the domain you were looking for!

This backorder service notice is sent yearly only to the registered holders of the domain

This is to inform you that the domain BEST-PROJECTORS.NET will be released by ICANN and put up for sale again, to the highest bidder, for the next 5 days. The minimum offer is USD 90.

For more information and/or to send your offer for the domain BEST-PROJECTORS.NET please click on the safe link (SSL) below:

If you prefer not to click the link, go directly to the our website: and enter the domain name

The purchase price is one-off, not annual. No advance payment is required. No other recurring or hidden costs. We can also transfer the domain to your registrar (provider) BEFORE your payment.

Thanks and Best Regards,

[Easy Domains] Staff
Domain Brokerage

To see some  feedback from our customers please click here:

This is a backorder notice in English. Other languages available on site:

To stop receiving these notifications please click here:

This email is safe and free from viruses and malware!

Now apart from the usual phishing links, that I removed from this email, the most noticeable thing that the average website owner might not know is the paragraph I highlighted in red in the email.

ICANN will never release a domain “again” to the “highest bidder” for the “next 5 days” let alone set a “minimum bid” on any domain name. ICANN will release a domain back as for sale at the usual price with no minimum bid and on a first come first serve basis.

If you need a domain, make sure to use a trusted domain reseller like

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