South African Firearms Module

South African Firearms Module

Introduction to the South African Firearms Module.

Potential firearm owners must successfully undergo the prescribed training at an accredited training institution and obtain a competency certificate from an accredited training institution.

This module is aimed (forgive the pun smiley) at those training institutions to assist their students and members to manage their competences and be in a position to demonstrate their activity in terms of collecting firearms, training to use the firearms and active participation in the club/training institute to ensure the members are in good standing order. The basis is such that the member takes responsibility for doing most of the work to ensure compliance with the admin simple there to ensure everything runs smoothly and maintain the basic database with minimal input required into the member's information.

This is the first version and there are a couple of issues that need fixing and reworking but it is mostly functional.

The module was developed with the input from PAAAPretoria Wapen en Ammunisie Vereniging / Pretoria Arms and Ammunition Association” and takes care of the following;

Members Information

  • Full personal details
  • Compliance Status
  • Personal Firearms Collection Database
  • Specifying your “Fields of Interests”
  • Recording annual activities

South African Firearm Module Member Compliance Information

Administration – Default Module data

  • Define the “year” the compliance period runs for
  • Define/Manage “Activity” types
  • Define/Manage “Committee” types
  • Define/Manage “Venues”
  • Define/manage “Classifications” categories
  • Define/manage “Seniority”
  • Add/Update the comprehensive list of pre-defined firearm “Makes” database
  • Add/Update the comprehensive list of pre-defined firearm “Calibers” database
  • Add/Update the comprehensive list of pre-defined firearm “Action” database

Administration – Members data

  • View and Manage basic member details and committee membership
  • View Fields of Interest
  • View “Number” of arms added per year to the personal collection database
  • View and Manage “Member Activities”
  • View details of recorded arms in the personal collection database
  • Search and produce a PDF document of a list of activities per member for a selected period (not working as expected)
Further Development

That depends pretty much on how the legal requirements change to obtaining and maintaining a firearm license in South Africa.

One thing that was not part of the development specification but will most probably be implemented is to send an e-mail reminder when a firearm license is about to expire. This functionality should be enabled or disabled globally by admin and if enabled, allowed or disallowed by the member on a firearm basis.

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