South African Firearms Module Defaults - Activity Types

South African Firearms Module Defaults - Activity Types

Managing default activities and general compliance period settings

Login into your XMS Systems based website and navigate to the Admin section > Dashboard > Firearm Module > Firearm Module Data > Activity Types

Activity Compliance Period

XMS Systems Firearm Module Compliance Period Settings

To keep the SAPS happy, compliance requirements need to be satisfied every year.

  • Start and end
    This defines the activity year period for compliance
  • Min Association/Club Threshold
    This is the total number of “required” points then needs to be earned before any “non-expiring” points can be carried forward. This safeguards the association against members that, for example, stopped paying their annual subs when they reached the compliance level simply by being a member for long enough.

    As an example, if you have 3 activities worth 1 point each, that are required each year, you add “3” into this field. I only any 2 of the point are required, you enter “2” in the field. The Member details page will check how many points are required and how many have been assigned. If the threshold has been passed, all the previous year’s non-expiry points will automatically be pulled forward to this period.
  • Compliance Threshold
    This is the minimum number of points a member needs to hold in the current period to be compliant with the legislation. Amend this as required.

Compliance Activities

The compliance calculator works on the assumption the member will be adding their activities during the year. Each activity has a point value assigned to it.

As a minimum, a member can earn points by complying to the minimum as required by the SAPS. These could include a Declaration and confirmed membership of an association or club. These activities are added by the association's secretary and not “visible” to the member. To accommodate for this, we have 13 “admin only” activities that you can customise to suit your needs.

In the screenshot below, the “green pin” donates the item as an “Admin Only” activity. These activities will be displayed to the member on the form where they log/view their activities but they will not be able to select and add these themselves.

XMS Systems Firearm Module Activity List

Adding / Managing an Activity

Click the “edit” button next to the activity you want to manage or scroll down and click “add new” to add a new activity.

XMS Systems Firearm Activity Update

  • Activity Title
    The title as it will be displayed next to the checkbox the member will tick to select the specific activity
  • Required Activity
    If this activity is required to be added before the member can carry forward the “non-expiring” points, set this to “Yes”
  • Points Value
    The number of points the member will earn for this activity
  • Expire Annually
    If this is set to “No”, the points earned for this activity will be carried over to the next activity period
  • Visible
    Show this activity to the member. “Admin Only” activities will still be displayed, but will not be saved if the member attempts to select one of the “Admin Only” options. We need to display the activity to the member to allow them to verify if a specific “Admin Only” activity has been added
  • In Use
    Enable or disable the specific activity

Member Activity View

XMS Systems Firearm Member Activity View

Admin Activity View

XMS Systems Firearm Admin Activity View

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