POS Locations

POS Locations

What is a POS location?
Adding and managing your POS Locations.

POS Locations is a way to define unlimited locatons where you going to use the POS System.

Why do I need POS Locations?

  • Define custom prices for each location
  • Define custom currency for each location
  • Manage stock levels per location
  • Print sales and re-order reports per location thus allowing you to plan ahead for a specific location's sales needs.
    Location "A" might sell more if a specific stock item than location "B"

Defining POS Locations

  • Go to the shopping Dashboard and click the POS/ Back-Office / Stock / Reports tab.
  • Click "POS Location"
  • Click the "add new" button
  • Complete the fields
    The currencies available in the dropdown needs to be pre-defined in your E-Commerce default settings
  • Click "insert"
  • The location will be added and you will be redirected back to the list of locations you specified.

POS Location list

Next you will need to define a cashier or Sales Assistant that will use your POS

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