Adding Stock Items to your POS System

Adding Stock Items to your POS System

How to add and edit stock for use with your POS system for each location.

The POS stock integrates closely with XMS Systems E-Commerce stock in so much so that you can use the same stock items you use on the website.

There is one minor catch...
To allow for quick scanning processing of a sale we do not use options per product as defined in the E-Commerce Stock. If you have stock items with different options you will have to add each option as a complete stock item.

Adding POS Specific Stock to your shop.

Check this article to add stock per location to the actual POS System

If you need to add additional stock items to allow for the different stock options, POS Specific items needs to be added. This is still done using the XMS E-Commerce Stock menu. Follow the following procedure to ensure the POS specific stock it not available for sale on the website.

  1. Go to Admin > Dashboard > Shopping > Stock Management > Shop Categories and add a new category as usual making sure it is a "Main Category" and set it to "Visible = No"
  2. You can add as many categories as you like. Separating your POS stock into different “Main Categories” makes it easier to manage specific stock items.
    We suggest to name them something like this “POS Name of category”, “POS Another name”, “Pos Yet Another Name”,...
  3. Go to Admin > Dashboard > Shopping > Stock Management > Shopping Items and add POS specific stock items to the newly created category. To make 100% sure the stock item is not available on the website you can set the stock item to "Visible = No" as well. You can also set the "Prices Available to" field to an access level of 11, the lowest admin level available

Once you have all your stock added it is time to start work on your POS settings and define your POS Locations.

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