Stock Items per POS Location

Stock Items per POS Location

Allocate and Manage stock items per location Including
Stock Levels

By now you should have completed the following steps.

  • Add all your stock to the main e-commerce database.
  • Create your POS locations
  • Create Cashiers

The next and critical part is to allocate and manage the stock for each POS location.
Managing your stock is one of the most critical steps of setting up and using your POS. Remember the old saying "Garbage in, Garbage out". Managing your stock accurately is absolutely critical if you want accurate sales, sales reports and be able to make accurate projections.

Go to POS Locations in your Admin Area

POS Locations

There are 4 buttons to manage your stock per location.
  1. Purple "Stock" button for adding and managing stock items
  2. Black "Reorder" button to get a report of what stock items needs to be ordered for this location
  3. Orange "Stock Take" button to print a stock take report
  4. Green "Bar Codes" Button (This button will be grey if you do not have any stock items for that specific location)
"Purple" Stock button

Click the purple stock button to manage every acpect of the stock allocated to this location.

Manage Stock per location

  • Shop Dashboard will take you back to the Shoping Dashboard
  • POS Locations will take you back to the list of POS Locations
  • Print Stock Bar Code will generate a pdf document you can print with bar codes for each stock item you can use with a scanner to increase speed (depending on your internet connection) and accuracy
  • Tick box to select multiple stock items to edit
  • SKU is the SKU of the stock item assigned in the main e-commerce database
  • Name is the name of the stock item as assigned in the main e-commerce database
  • Price is the price and currency defined for this POS Location
  • Pk Size defines how many items you sell together in a pack
  • On Hand defines the total stock you have for this specific item at this specific POS Location
  • Min is the absolute minimum number of this stock item you need to maintain a working POS Location.
  • Re-order Lvl is the stock level at which you will re-order new stock for this item at this POS Location
  • Active shows if the item is available for sale or temporarily not available
  • Edit to edit the values for this item
  • Bar Code to print a bar code for this item only. Useful if adding a new stock item at this POS location.
  • Edit selected Items to edit the items you selected by ticking the tick box all at once.
  • Dropdown and add new to add a new stock item.
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