POS Sales Summaries

POS Sales Summaries

This article discusses the useage of the POS Summary Filters to Filter Sales reports per Location, Day, Month, Year, SKU and Date Period

Log into the Administration section and click Dashboard > Shopping > POS Back-Office / Stock / Reports > POS Summary Filters

XMS POS Filter Overview

You can use any or all of the filters to generate your report.

  • Matrix
    Gives you the option to group the report by
    • Date & Time
    • Day Name
    • Month Name
    • Week Number
  • SKU
    Filter by Full or partial SKU number
  • From Date
    Select the first date that sales needs to be included into the report
  • To Date
    Select the last date that sales needs to be included into the report
  • Location
    Select the POS Locations that needs to be included into the report
  • Refunds
    If you want to see the total refunds instead if the actual sales, tick the “Refunds” box.
  • Filter
    Click the blue “Filter” button to generate your report.

As an example

Lets see how many Vases (SKU: 390411) has been sold since we started out POS Sales on what days

  • Matrix = Date and Time
  • SKU = 390411
  • From Date = 2001-01-01 or any date before you opened your shop
  • To date = The last date you traded
  • Location = All (To report for all POS Locations)
  • Refunds = We don't want to see the refunds, so we leave the box unticked
  • ​Click “Filter”

XMS POS Report Filter

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