XMS Systems

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Support and quality control

At XMS Systems we strive to maintain healthy customer relations by committing ourselves to;

  1. Listen to the customer
  2. Take action as soon as possible
  3. Accept criticism and act upon it
  4. Accept praise and gloat about it

In all seriousness we do take support very seriously and we will often log on to your website to fix errors and layout problems that we see.

Every-time you or one of your members encounter a problem on the site, be it as small as missing a required tick-box somewhere on the page or a hacking attempt, we are notified about it.

We can see exactly what went wrong and if it is a regular occurrence across XMS System based websites we will seek ways to make it easier to realise you need to tick the box

Further we commit ourselves to give support according to our terms and conditions for hosting as laid down by Exelwebs terms and conditions as well as the license terms specified when you purchase your XMS license.

By subscribing to our twitter feed and Exelwebs twitter feed you will always be on top of new releases and issues that we might encounter with the servers at exelwebs

You have two options to request support.

  1. Make an appointment on our scheduling sytem
  2. Log a support ticket at Exelwebs

In most cases you will probably contact us directly via email or Skype because we usually have a personal relationship with our customers.

The XMS Users manual is a rich source of information an as XMS becomes more popular our users will submit more tips and tricks on each subject. So join in the fun and help us expand the manual.

By the way... we are trying our best to finalise the manual and keep it up to date.  Thing is we have so much we still want to do with XMS Systems we are running out of time...

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