Bug Reports, Suggestions and Feature Requests

Use this page to:

  • Report a bug
    Give as much information as possible to allow us to reproduce the error that you encountered.
    Information might include;
    • The actual URL that the error occurred on
    • Did you include any columns on the page
    • What column did you include and where (Left or Right)
    • Short description of what you did and what you attempted to do
  • Make a suggestion
    If you think that something can be done in a better way that what we currently do things, please let us know...
    Who knows.... maybe you can get your license for free for a couple of month and only pay for your hosting...
  • Request a feature
    Sometimes people would surf the web or work on their own pages and wish that they had one or the other feature or see something interesting on a site somewhere.
    If you think it might come in handy as a general feature on XMS Systems please let us know and be sure to include a link to the page you saw it on.
Written by:  - 28 Mar, 2016  
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