Open new pages in jquery modal window

Open new pages in jquery modal window

Included in the new version of XMS Systems that are to be released soon you will be able to open links into jquery pop-up modal windows.

To do this you need a bit of extra coding in your link.

First you need to append your url with two values.

1. Click the General tab and enter the url as above

Enter the Link URL defining the width and height

2. Now click on the advanced tab and set the class to fancybox-custom

Add the class to the link to make is a modal popup

3. Do NOT tick any boxes or enter anything in the "PopUp" tab

No information on the PopUp Tab

4. Update and save your page.

When someone now click on the link it will grey out the background and open a window the size you specified with the target page inside the window.

Written by:  - 15 Mar, 2013