Configuring your Tour or excursion categories with XMS Systems Tour Manager Module

Configuring your Tour or excursion categories with XMS Systems Tour Manager Module

How to configure your tour categories to make maximum impact and efficient use of the space to promote your tours.

Tour Categories

Log into your website and go to Admin > Site Dashboard > Website Configuration > Installed Modules > Tour Defaults

Scroll down the page to get to the tour categories section

XMS Tour Manager Tour Categories Definition

Click add at the bottom to add a category and/or click edit to edit an existing category.

Update Tour Category

  1. Enter a short descriptive name for the category
  2. Setting a category to "Visible: No" will hide the category and all related tours from your website.
  3. Upload a category Image (resize the image to a reasonable size before you upload it.)
  4. Set “Display Image” to “Yes” if you want to display the image on the page listing all your tours belonging to this category
  5. Enter a description for this category that will be used on the search engines.
  6. Add a description of the category. If you set “Display Image” to “No” in point 4, your description will span the width of the page

Your Tour Categories will be displayed as in the image below. This leads to the “Tours per Category” Pages

Front end display of category list

Tours per category with “Use Image” set to “Yes”

Tours category using category Image

Tours per category with “Use Image” set to “No”

Note: The image slider in the screenshot is part of the content you going to add. (You have a template available for that)

Tours category not using category Image

Custom Tour Groups

Custom tour groups will allow you to define any tour as “Include as custom” and assign it to a custom tour group.

Custom Tour Groups

All tours allocated to each custom group will be displayed on the “Custom-Tour”page like the image below.

Custom Tour Page


  • Important to note that once you have decided on your category names to not come back and change them. The actual name is used as the category page name and will be indexed on search engines. If you change the name the search engine indexes needs to be updated and that can take anything between a day and six months.
  • If you do not get the expected results on the search engines you may change the category name to see if your results will improve
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