Presenting available tours to your clients using XMS Systems Tours Manager

Presenting available tours to your clients using XMS Systems Tours Manager

This article discusses the different ways in which you can present your tours most effectively to your potential clients.

Having well planned and presented tours means nothing if they can not be presented in a way to entice your visitor to view them and make informed decisions resulting, hopefully, in a booking.

Whatever method or combination of methods you choose to present your tours it is important to visualise the Website as a funnel, wide at the top to “catch” as many visitors as possible and “funneling” them to the point where they make a booking.

There are a number of different ways you can lead your client to where they need to go.

List of “Tour Categories”

Complete Tour Lists

This will group the tours by category and initially display the title of the category with the category image and description below that. The user will be able to read the description of the category and if it is good enough they can click on it to display all the tours in the specific category.
This means you can have any number of categories with any number of tours in each category and it will still be displayed in a manner that are easy to scan over by the visitor and finds the category they are interested in.

List of “Tours by Category”

List by Caregory
This format will display the category name at the top of the page with the category summary below that. Next will be the tour summary image and basic tour information with the button that will lead the visitor to the tour details page.

Scheduled Departures

Scheduled Departues
This option is used when you have tours with fixed departure dates. As you can see in the image, the departure dates and times are listed. You have the additional option to define the number of places left that can be booked for this tour. For more information on using this view, please see the article on scheduling

Booked tours and availability

This option make use of the XMS Systems Calendar and useful if you have short tours. Bookings are displayed in calendar format with start and end times. If your tour is for example 2 hours, then the client can make a booking in the normal way for a slot to join a tour. See this article on the possible display formats and general overview.

Single Tours

Although this is the second last step in the tours booking funnel, there is no reason why you cant link to the tour directly from the menu or anywhere in your Website.

Custom Tours

With XMS Systems Tour Manage it is easy for a guest to build their own custom tour. Simply select a date and tick a couple of options and submit.

Custom Tour Booking Page

Custom pages

There is nothing stopping you from adding a “My Page” to your website and play around with different ways to display your categories and tours with links to the actual tour.

The only limitation is your imagination and the possibilities are endless. This is important to keep in mind when you a “fine-tuning” your SEO and needs to compare landing pages “A” to “B” to see what converts better.

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