Adding Tabular Data into Responsive XMS Systems

Adding Tabular Data into Responsive XMS Systems

How to add and format Tabular Data in XMS Systems while making sure it is still responsive and visible on any device the user might use to view my website

To use tables or not…? That’s the question…

Using tables for layout of your information is usually frowned upon. However in some cases there is good reason for using tables to force thing to look they way you want them to look.

One of this cases (and probably the only one) is when you need to display rows of information that need to be presented in columns like test results, or conversion tables.

Imaged below is a good example when and why your should use tables. In this example the user aligned the vertical columns using blank spaces. Initially it looks good until yhe viewport gets smaller...

messed up tables

The video explains why it is a bad idea to try and make things look nice by using blank spaces to align things and then show you how to do it properly and a couple of “tips and tricks” while you using your table.

You are able to use tables in any location where you can edit content and have the appropriate template available.


Written by:  - 13 Dec, 2016  
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