XMS Systems Default Pages and what they are used for

XMS Systems Default Pages and what they are used for

This is a list of all the XMS Systems default pages with the corresponding ID number and a short description of what they do and how they fit into the system.

I have noticed that as a website grows and develops over time, the owner and myself gets confused with what pages does what in XMS Systems.

I have also noticed that in some cases the wrong page is used for the wrong purpose with the result that the website doesn’t look/work they way it should.

Here is a list of the pages with a short description of what they do. Depending on your specific configuration you might not have all of them. The number will still be the same no matter what your configuration. In some cases the “content” part of the page is not used on the front end.

  1. Home Page
    The default page a site visitor is likely to arrive at your site on.
  2. Contact Us Page
    The contact us page with the contact form. The configuration section is used to define “contact departments” with associated email addresses. Your company physical details can be added via a “nugget” and there is no need to type it into the page. Search Engines will look for this page on your website.
    An important tip here is to never type your email address out visually. Makes it so much easier for scrapers to find you address and sell it to some spammer.
  3. Login Page (Not used)
  4. Registration Page
    The page used to register members with your website.
  5. Member Home Page
    This page is the default page displayed to the members when they are in their “personal” space on the website.
  6. News Letters
    List of your published news letters.
    This is also a good place to add your “subscribe for newsletter” link
  7. Forgot Password Page
    Simple page to allow users to retrieve their passwords
  8. About Us
    Your company background and short summary of what is is you are doing.  Search Engines will look for this page on your website.
  9. Suspended Account
    The page a suspended member will be redirected to if the try and log in after admin set their status to suspended.
  10. Mail Sent Thanks
    Displayed after someone send a message via the contact us page and any of the “contact us” buttons on the shop and tour modules
  11. Photo Gallery
    Page with a list of your image galleries
  12. View photos
    Page displaying the images in a specific gallery. Content section not used in this page
  13. Scheduled Events
    List of items pulled in from the calendar and displayed in list format
  14. Registered Pilots (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  15. Hire and Fly Destinations (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  16. Hire and Fly Aircraft Available (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  17. Articles List
    Full list of all the published articles
  18. Read Articles
    Page for displaying an article (Content section on this page not used)
  19. Article Search Page
    Search article and blog database and display results
  20. Links Page
    Page for displaying complete list as well as links per category
  21. Downloads Page
    Page for displaying complete list as well as downloads per category
  22. Articles by Category
    List of all articles in a specific category
  23. Renew Account (Not Used)
    For renewing a users account if expired
  24. EU Cookie Directive
    Page linked to the EU Cookie notice in the footer of the site
  25. Active Competitions (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  26. Submit Competition (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  27. Completed Competitions (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  28. Post Submit Competition Page (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  29. Community Market
    “Landing Page” where items are displayed as for sale or wanted by members
  30. Members List
    List of registered members
  31. Promotional Codes (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  32. Promotion Voucher Print (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  33. Verify Voucher (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  34. Shop Front
    Main landing page of your shop if you decide to not use the “Home Page” as the main landing page.
  35. Subscribe to Email (Content area only in use on this page)
    Content to be displayed on the “pop-up” for subscribing to the mailing list
  36. Subscribe to email thanks (Content area only in use on this page)
    Displayed in the pop-up after subscribing to the mailing list
  37. Property List (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  38. property Details (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  39. Property Search Page (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  40. Tours Booking Page
    Page where the client are making the actual tour booking
  41. Complete Tour List
    Full list of tours available grouped by category
  42. Tours by Category
    List of tours for a specific category. Content areas should only be used for general information
  43. Training (Not Used Module under development)
  44. Article and Blog Posters
    Profile and social networking buttons for authors. (Content section not used on this page)
  45. Shop Category
    Page displaying all shopping items for a specific category. (Content section not used)
  46. Shop Product
    Page displaying detailed info on a product  (Content section not used)
  47. Shop Cart
    Page displaying the shopping cart  (Content section not used)
  48. Shop Checkout
    All Shop checkout pages (Content section not used)
  49. Blog entries
    List of blog entries per author  (Content section not used)
  50. Member Section Shop orders
    Page where members can view status of their orders
  51. Client Reviews
    Client review page
  52. XMS Calendar
    Displaying the full calendar with data inserted into the dates.
  53. (Not Used)
  54. (Not Used)
  55. (Not Used)
  56. Job List (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  57. Job Seekers List (Not Used – Module getting redeveloped)
  58. Shop Thanks
    Page to display after someone successfully bought and paid for an item
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