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What is ‘myEventWatcherDiv’

What is ‘myEventWatcherDiv’

How did that "myEventWatcherDiv" get into my website?

I have a couple of clients using XMS Systems on Mac’s using the Safari Browser and noticed that at the bottom of the content they would add to their websites, a weird line of code would be injected every time they edit their content.

I can’t say when this first started as I don’t really spend that much time looking at the code generated by XMS Systems editor because it is usually well structured. The only reason I picked it up now is with the launch of the new and improved XMS Systems I keep a keen eye on the XMS Users already using the new version.

The string of code doesn’t do anything except causing bloat to the content...

< div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none"> < / div>

myEventWatcher code

I read somewhere on the internet that it is caused by the Mac Safari browser but couldn’t figure out why it is happening. Writing a script to check and get rid of it is an easy way out but is “another bit of code to fix some else's buggy software” and I had enough of this in the good old IE days.

After many days of searching I found reference to “DivX plugins” for Safari and “wpa.safariextension” mentioned in the same line. It seems to be part of the DivX for Mac installation and exactly whay it is suppose to do I have no idea.

Remove or uninstall DivX and make sure the “wpa.safariextension” is not in the browser plugins folder anymore.

Note: I do not own a Mac so I can not verify if this is the solution and if anything else will break on your Mac. You do this at your own risk.

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