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How to get a Google Review link?

How to get a Google Review link?

This bugged me for some time. I needed to get reviews but just could not figure out how to send users to the Google review form.

Reviews…. reviews… every body is always looking for reviews on a specific product before they commit these days. So getting those precious golden stars is a must and should definitely boost your online success.

Problem is how to direct your customers to the correct place on Google to submit a review? Yes they can always make the effort to search for your company on Google and hunt for the “Write a Review” link.

But lets face it, in the real world it is just not going to happen. You need to somehow guide your happy customer in the right direction. Preferably stick it right under their noses and all they have to do is write a couple of lines.

No matter how hard I looked I just could not find an easy solution to this problem.

Enter “

I stumbled across this website and tool a while ago. Gave it a test rund and found it really easy to use.

Complete 4 fields hit a button and copy your link. Really easy to use.

Example to Complete fields for Google Review Link Generator

The tool will return a couple of links you can use, as well as QR Codes that will point to the correct locations.

Use these links on your website, after a chat session or in your email footer to name a few examples.

While you on their website, check out the offerings they have. Could be very useful for your online marketing.

Enjoy and please leave a review below

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Written by:  - 27 Apr, 2017  
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