Syncing Facebook Images with XMS Systems Content Management Systems

Syncing Facebook Images with XMS Systems Content Management Systems

How to sync your Facebook Albums with XMS Systems and manage the albums

Facebook is a handy “Content Delivery Network” to host your images. It is free with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. You also don’t have to worry about the image sizes as facebook will automatically reduce the file sizes

Requirements for successful integration.

  1. A published Facebook Fan Page
  2. Facebook albums
  3. Properly manage and name your Facebook albums
  4. Add titles to your photos in your Facebook Albums
  5. Successful integrated Facebook to XMS Systems app

Synced Facebook Albums

There is not much you can do with the Facebook Albums inside XMS Systems

  1. You can see when you last synced the Galleries
  2. Facebook Album ID
  3. Facebook Album Name
  4. Number of images in the specific Fasebook Album
  5. The id of the cover photo
  6. The date and time you created the Facebook Album
  7. The date and time you last updated the Facebook Album

The only action you can take from within XMS Systems is to “Hide” or “Show” as specific album on XMS Systems. This will not hide the album from your Facebook page.

View the Synced Albums as part of the XMS Systems Gallery

Facebook Albums on XMS Systems

Limited images inside Facebook Album

To make sure you stay within the limits of facebook, we limit the number of photos inside the actual album to 24 photos. This is the default set by Facebook. Yes it can be increased however we feel it is a reasonable number to not abuse the viewers bandwidth. If there are more than 24 image in the facebook album we notified the user and they have then the option to click the button and view the complete album on facebook.

XMS Systems Facebook Limit

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