Enabling Social Networking buttons in XMS Systems

Enabling Social Networking buttons in XMS Systems

How to enable my social networking buttons on my XMS Systems based website?

Log in and navigate to Admin > Site Dashboard > Website Configuration > Social Networking > Social Links.

Social networking buttons

Starting at the top of the image…

  • Show Social Links
    Instantly “show” or “hide” all the buttons
  • Position
    Not all websites are created equal and therefor shouldn’t look the same You have two options where to position your buttons.
    1. Below the heading
      Buttons below the heading
    2. Hidden and Sliding in from the right hand side of the page. These buttons are “sticky” and will always be within reach
      Sliding buttons
    • Custom Links
      If the standard buttons are not enough, you can add two custom buttons.
      1. Paste the url to the page you want to link to.
      2. Enter the text that needs to be displayed when the user hovers over the icon
      3. Upload an image to be used. We suggest to use square buttons to make sure it fits in with the rest.
    • Standard Links
      Simply copy and paste the full url into the relevant field.
      The only button that needs special attention here (if required) is the Google+ button. If you want to enable the “One Post Button to Google+” for your articles and the rest, you will need to enter your Google+ page id in here.
    • Update Social Links
      Scroll down to the bottom of the page to save/update your links.
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