Adding booked day trips to your schedular

Adding booked day trips to your schedular

Procedure to follow if you need to manually add a day trip booking to the scheduler.

The tour module has the option to add a day trip booking the the scheduler with the click of a button. However in some cases it might be necessary to do it manually for some reason. (Automatic add is still under development)

Login > Dashboard > Manage Site Content > Scheduler/Bookings

You have two options to add the booking.

From “Calendar View”

  • Navigate till you see the day you want to add the booking to
  • Click the small add booking icon
  • You will now be taken to the page where you can enter the booking

From “List View”

  • Click “List View” at the top of the page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and
  • click “add new”
  • you will now be taken to the page where you can enter the booking

Entering the booking

  • Select the relevant member. (Usually yourself)
  • Private entry is “Yes”. This is important to show it on the correct trip schedule
  • Select the correct “Day Trip” item
  • Set your start and end dates the same
  • Recurring should be “Daily/Once Only”
  • Status should be “Accepted”

If you allow over bookings you might want to display the time that a specific slot is booked for.

  • Set the star and end times for the booked entry
  • Select “Display Time” to “Yes”


You can safely ignore the rest of the fields.

Be careful adding a booking manually as there is no error checking in terms of overbooking and correct dates. It will accept any information you add here.

If you have a block of dates you are not available or do not want to accept bookings for you enter a booking as above but define the “start” and “end” dates as required. This will block all bookings during that specified time period.

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