Adding a property to XMS Realty

Adding a property to XMS Realty

In depth procedure to add or update a property to XMS Realty and have it listed as available to the market.

This is the heart of XMS Realty and the part that will make or break your success in marketing your property.

Everything you do in the different section will come together on this one page.

View Property in XMS Realty

  1. Drill Down Search Facility
  2. Ad Line
  3. Listing Type
  4. Market Status
  5. Price of Property
  6. Rent Frequency
  7. Primary Image
  8. Seller
  9. Seller Contact Details
  10. Contact seller by Email
  11. Send to a Friend by Email
  12. Location of the Property
  13. Google map allowing for driving directions to property
  14. Downloadable PDF document with property summary
  15. Summary of Property
  16. Details of Property
  17. Property Features
  18. Community Features
  19. Description of Property
  20. Open House

Adding a property consist of a 4 step process.
This makes it easier to manage once you are done as you can go straight to the relevant section and update as needed.

To add or manage a property you need to log in and navigate to the Administration section » Dashboard » Manage Property  and click on Manage Property Ads

XMS Realty List of Properties

On this page you will see your list of properties with the following details

  1. Date ad was approved
  2. Agent / Seller
  3. List Type
  4. Market Status
  5. City Located in
  6. If the property is Visible  (An expired add will be invisible)
  7. If the property is a Featured Property
  8. Property ID
  9. Number of times the property has been viewed on the site
  10. If the ad is expired (An expired add will be invisible)

Click  edit or "add new" to go to "Step 1" of managing a property

  1. Step 1
    • Active Dates
    • Featured
    • Published
    • PDF
    • Viewed
    • Market Status
    • Address
    • Google Map
  2. Step 2
    • List Type
    • Category
    • Price
    • Rent Frequency
    • General Info

  3. Step 3
    • Open Day
    • Ad Line
    • Short Description
    • Long Description
    • META Description
    • META Keywords

  4. Step 4
    • Upload Images
    • Manage Image Descriptions
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