E-Commerce Module Overview

E-Commerce Module Overview

A short overview of XMS E-Commerce.

Having an E-Commerce enabled website is a natural extension for any business website. Having a fully integrated e-commerce module is a natural extension of your XMS Systems based website.

 Basically you will have 2 options to use the shop.

  • Sales
    This option will allow visitors to make purchases via the shopping cart
  • Enquire / Reserve
    This option will allow your clients to Enquire (Request quotes) or Reserve an item or list of items from the shopping cart.
    In this setting a notice will appear on "checkout" that the final price will be confirmed with the customer.

Pricing Structures

The basic Pricing structure is based on access level. This allow you to

  • have a closed shop for registered members only
  • give a discount on an access level basis.
    e.g. Standard members pay the normal price. Members with a higher access level can get a discount.
  • Prices can be hidden by access level.

Multiple Discount structures

  • Discounts per product for a specified time duration. Discounted value are defined in monetary value
  • Discount Codes per product discounting a percentage and time sensitive
  • Percentage based Member discounts based on the user access levels
  • Percentage based Volume discount based on the cart value

Multiple Currencies

XMS Systems E-Commerce module supports multiple currencies selectable by the visitor via a flag representing the different currencies.
The exchange rates can be manually updated by the shop administrator or you can set the update to be automatically once a day.
The automated exchange rates are retrieved from the "Google Currency Exchange Calculator"


  • Shipping is calculated on the total weight of the items in the shopping cart.
    The Shop Administrator can define multiple shipping rates and make use of multiple service providers as well as allocate different rates and providers for different countries if you ship internationally.
  • Free Shipping to selected destinations and minimum cart value to qualify
  • Pay and collect collection point can be defined as well and obviously available to selected destinations

Payment Gateways

Currently XMS Systems E-Commerce Module supports the following gateways.

  • PayPal
  • PayFast (Specifically for the South African market)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Cheques
  • Postal orders


  • Physical products with basic stock control
  • Digital products with download counter for each purchase

Basic demonstration of the shop.


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