XMS Systems Adding or Editing an article or blogpost

XMS Systems Adding or Editing an article or blogpost

Workflow for adding or editing an article or blog post.

The article/blog module works on the basis that only authorised members can add articles or blog postings. (no surprises there). An administrator can not add articles or blog postings, only moderate them.

Reason for this is that regardless of the status of any of the authors, they will always retain the copyright of anything they post. So if site administrators change hands, the new administrator will add his/her own articles.

Adding an article/blog post.

  • From the website, click “My Account” to go to your “Member Section”
    XMS Systems Members Ares with article option
  • Click the “My Articles” image to take you to the list of articles/blog entries you own.
    Depending on your website configuration you might not see the Facebook and Google+ buttons. The “Live help” bottom left might not be available either.
    Member Article List
  • Click “ADD NEW” button

Adding the Article

Add XMS Systems Article or Blog Entry

  • Publish on Website
    While you editing the article it is a good idea to set this to “No”. You can always save the article and click the link in the list (above) to preview your article
  • Type of Posting
    Select Article or Blog. (training is still under development)
  • Category
    Select the category for this article.
    If an appropriate category doesn’t exist, ask your administrator to add one for you. If you are an administrator add it yourself.
  • Article Viewed
    How many times the article has been viewed. The IP address of the author is recorded and if your IP address is detected the count will not increase.
  • Date Posted
    Date you posted the article originally. You can change the date and time. This is used to calculate the age of the article.
  • Approved by Admin
    All articles will usually be moderated and approved my an administrator. In some cases the administrator might automatically approve your article
  • Title / Subject
    Think carefully about the title. Is is also used as the final URL to your article or blog posting. Shorter (50 – 60 characters) is preferable and they needs to make sense to human readers.
  • Summary Image
    Use an image that fits the article. The image should preferable be around 640x400 pixels. Anything wider than 640 will be resized. This image will also be used in Facebook, Twitter, and Google when the article is shared to any of those social networks. (See this article on cards)
  • Summary
    Give a short descriptive summary not more than 255 characters. This also makes part of the Facebook, Twitter and Google cards
  • Generate PDF
    Set to “Yes” to allow your visitor to generate and download a PDF file. This can be useful when writing user manuals.
  • Article “Teaser”
    If you want your article to be available in its totality to registered and logged in users only, set this value to something around 500 characters. Non authenticated users will then only see the first 500 characters of the article and prompted to log in to read the rest of the article.
  • Allow Comments
    If admin integrated article comments you should be able to select this option.
  • XMS Systems Gallery
    Select a XMS Systems photo gallery if you created one.
  • Facebook Gallery
    Select a Facebook Album if one is available that suits your article.
  • Article Content
    This is where you write your article or blog post.
  • Click Insert or Update when done.
    Remember to set the “Publish” flag to “Yes” to publish your article.

If your administrator configured the Facebook integration and you have the appropriate authority, you will see an amber button to the right of your article. Click this button once to post your article to the integrated Facebook page. This can not be undone by you. Only the Facebook administrator will be able to delete the post. If Twitter is integrated into the Facebook page, the article needs to be deleted there as well. So think carefully before clicking that Facebook button…

The value inside the Facebook button is the number of times your articles has been published on Facebook. The website administrator might publish your article as well.

Furthermore a Red Google+ button might be available to post to the company google+ or business page

Creating a Photo Album

Being able to add a photo album to any of your articles is always a nice touch. The best option would be to make use of the integrated Facebook Albums. If this is not possible then you can create one on the website.

  • From your Members Ares click the “My Article Photos” image to get to the list of albums you owns.
  • Click the “Add New” button
  • Enter a name for the album
  • Set it to “Visible”
  • Click “Insert” to create your photo album

Adding Images to your Photo Album

  • From the album list click “Edit” next to the correct album
  • Click “Add Photos” button
  • Click the “Add Files” button on the bottom left to select the images from your hard drive. You can select more than one image at a time.
  • Click “Start Upload”
  • Once the upload is completed you will be redirected to a page where you can add titles to each image
  • When you are done with all the editing , click the blue “Done” button at the top of the page to get back to your Photo Gallery list.
  • You can now edit your article and select an XMS Gallery for your article.


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