XMS Systems Article and blog Module Overview

XMS Systems Article and blog Module Overview

Overview of the XMS Systems Article and Blog module.

The XMS Systems Article and Blog Module is a powerful module to easily add and manage content to your website with built in social network sharing capabilities, build in image gallery, pfd file generation, visitors commenting and more.

This module allows you to give selected site members the ability to actively partake in the growth of your website by adding articles or blog postings as and when they want to. Built in notifications and approval options keeps you in control of what is getting published on your website.

Site Administrators have the option to not only approve or decline an article, they have full editing rights to each and every article.

Articles and blog posting are not done via the Administration section, but rather from the “Members section”. The reason is to allow the member who wrote the article or blog to retain authorship and copy right to their articles.

Main Features of the Article and Blog module

  • unlimited number of categories to allow full categorization – Admin only
  • reorder of categories – Admin only
  • unlimited number of articles
  • reorder of articles – Admin only
  • unlimited number of contributors
  • manual and auto-approval after submission – Admin option
  • publish or hide any article – Author and or Admin
  • “live” pdf file generation
  • read counter
  • “teaser” options for non-logged in users
  • comment functionality – Author and Admin
  • unlimited image galleries, 1 per article
  • integrated Facebook albums
  • article search engine
  • built in SEO functionality
  • built-in user friendly url generation
  • built in micro data
  • nuggets for inclusion in any page
  • newest 6  published articles summaries displayed on home page if option is set – Admin
  • no templates required
  • and more...

Wider usage ideas.

  • keep your website fresh by publishing fresh relevant content on the fly
  • FAQs,
  • user manuals,
  • training articles,
  • link to calendar items
  • sporting event notices and results
  • link to other pages to expand information
  • anything you can thing of...
Written by:  - 18 Apr, 2017  
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