XMS Systems Change Log and development notices

XMS Systems Change Log and development notices

Read the XMS Systems Change Log to see the latest changes and what we are working on.

With the recent upgrade to a responsive design, things got a bit out of hand with fixes and changes we made to the framework. The result was that the changelog became a “nonlog” and nobody really knows what has changed. This is an attempt to get that back on track.

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Ver 5.2.05 – All Sited updated

  1. Newsletter Module
    • DoneFixing 500 Server Error with the email verification occurring after around 45000 emails sent.
    • DoneImproved check if newsletter already sent to a specific recipient
    • DoneReworked the send newsletter UI
    • DoneOption to delete newsletter logs older than a certain date
    • DoneLimit the stats graph to display only the last 20 newsletters
    • Done Added “opening percentage” to the stats.
    • DoneChange newsletter list order to show latest first in all instances in admin.
    • DoneAdd CSS file version to force a browser update when CSS and or jquery file has been changed by user
    • DoneIncorporate latest Facebook API changes
    • DoneUpdate Image gallery uploader
    • DoneAdded functionality to set the image size and quality for images uploaded to the gallery
    • DoneAdded functionality to set the image gallery to AutoPlay or not
    • DoneUpdated the online file browser and image uploader when editing content.
    • DoneImprove some configuration settings in the code
    • DoneAdded general information to admin homepage to show what server your site is hosted on
    • Done Added link on Admin Home Page to your client area on Exelwebs
    • DoneFurther improvements were done on the Exam Module (GOLD)
    • Done Further improvements were done on the POS stock transfers functionality (BETA)
    • Done Updated the image slider in general
    • DoneUpdated the way uploaded images on the tour details page displays.
    • DoneSome needed fine-tuning on the information displayed on the e-commerce invoice
    • Done Implemented a more efficient method of updating jQuery version used.
    • Done Improve Responsive behaviour when left columns are active on the page. Left column/s will now collapse into an accordion to focus on the main content.
      The user will still be able view the collapsed column by tapping on the column heading
      Responsive Left Columns

Ver 5.2.05 released November 2017

  1. Admin
    • DoneSystem Email editor linked to the wrong article for variables
    • DonePaste in the editor – Due to the fact that the majority of users copy and paste from MS Word (or something similar) and paste into the editor without using the proper options, we have decided to force “Plain Text” paste automatically. This is to ensure your website looks as intended. Refer this article
  2. Training Module
  • Captured in User ManualTest Questions Manager – with options to make any question available for “dummy” exam
  • Captured in User ManualSet up the course – What articles, files and exams belong to what course
  • Captured in User ManualExam Type – Link to course, practise exam and access control, display correct answers with explanation.
  • Captured in User ManualManage Students
  • NewManage Expired Exams
  • Captured in User ManualClient-side exam results
  • Captured in User ManualGenerate Certificates
  • Captured in User ManualCompleted what happens next if a student print a certificate
  • Captured in User ManualPresent “practise” exams
  • Captured in User ManualManage “practise” exams and entered captured email addresses
  • Captured in User ManualCalculate results for “practise” exams
  • Captured in User ManualOption to show correct answers to any mistakes in “practise” exams
  • Captured in User ManualDisplay question id in admin
  • Captured in User ManualDisplay wrong answer id in exam results
  • Bug Bug in the count of completed exams
  • Captured in User ManualImplement a “Leader Board” for practise exams
  • Captured in User ManualSave “Practise” results for Registered Logged-in Members
  • Captured in User ManualIntegrated “Google Graph” for displaying progress based on results
  • Captured in User ManualThe ability for the student to delete selected test results
  • Captured in User Manualadded links to “My Saved Results” in various places.
  • Captured in User ManualManage “Real” exams
  • BugFixed bug calculating the duration of the test in seconds
  • Captured in User ManualUsing exam duration as part of the “Pass” or “Fail” process
  • Captured in User ManualImprove Explanation of correct answer layout
  • Captured in User ManualMore clearly display ”Pass/Fail” and reason if failed for going overtime.
  • Captured in User ManualFunctionality to record added/review date for questions
  • Captured in User ManualFunctionality to record who added and/or reviewed the question
  • Captured in User Manual Option to set a difficulty level per question
  • Captured in User ManualOption to set a difficulty level per exam using the questions with the same level
  • Captured in User ManualOption to add the source of your information used for the question/answer
  • Captured in User ManualOption to show source on the answer sheet 
  • Captured in User ManualOption to define how many, of what difficulty questions, need to be used when generating a final exam.
  • Captured in User Manual Complete the “course display” for enrolled students in their “Member Section”
  1. Tour Module
    • RejectedCustomise scheduled tour – with “Things to do” while en route. You will allocate your “short” day trips to a category that can be linked to a specific scheduled tour to expand the scope of what the client can do while on the tour. “Things to do” will not be included in the initial costing but needs to be added manually by the operator when quoting/invoicing the tour
    • DoneFeatured Tours/Trips – Set a trip as “featured” to display/promote on the website homepage. You will need at least 4 for it to display properly
    • BugComments/Disqus Bug Fix
    • BugEmail Admin Bug Fix
    • BugEmail Friend Bug Fix
    • BugPrivate/Non-Private Scheduling selection not working exactly as expected. Clashes with the “normal” scheduler.
    • Done Added option to select your “Tour Docs” as “Tour Docs” under the training module. This is simply to differentiate between tour documents and the actual courses that it was designed for initially.
  2. Article Module
    • NewFix nugget order to be Always Descending
    • BugFix Paging bug
    • DonePDF Orientation – Added functionality to select the PDF orientation to cater for wider articles that need printing in “Landscape Format”
    • RejectedExplore new options for generating pdf files.
    • DoneRefresh FB Gallery List – Added button to refresh the list of facebook galleries
    • DoneFB Gallery Search – Implemented the functionality to filter your list of facebook galleries.
    • DoneAuto Approve – Functionality to set “Auto Approve” for selected members.
    • DoneComment Layout – Fixed
    • DoneArticle Categories – Expanded the article category functionality to include an image and general description of the category
    • DoneArticle Index – Changed the layout of the category index to include the category image and description
  3. E-Commerce Module
    • RejectedNeed improvement with price display after selecting options
    • RejectedPOS Bar Codes – Need the ability to print a selection of barcodes. Currently, have “All” and “Individual”
    • RejectedCost of Sales – Need to have a means to record incoming stock against supplier and record import taxes and the current exchange rate at the time of import.
    • DonePaging issue – Fix Paging bug and set the default number of products in the category to display 36 products on the front-end
    • DoneSKU Unique check search – Live validation of SKU as you enter a new SKU number when adding a stock item.
    • DoneButton to create an account for guest shoppers
    • BugPOS Cart Display bug – Updated the character set to use UTF-8.This should fix the “?” characters randomly displayed following the currency designator.
      (Awaiting feedback from users)
    • DoneCustom Emails – Functionality to create a custom email to sent to the client as notifications
    • BugDigital Download Bug Fix – Had a problem when “Ready for Collection” was selected as the Shipping Method.
    • BugSession expiration fix for cashiers – Attempt to avoid cashiers sessions form experiencing every 25 minutes if “Remember Me” is not ticked during logging in.
    • BugAble to purchase Disabled Items – Fix bug that allows users to purchase items set to “Not Visible” if they have the URL for the product saved. Thanks NewAgeSmoke
  4. Scheduler Module
    • NewCheck “Clickthrough” for nuggets to correct info pages
  5. Facebook Integration
    • RejectedAuto Sync – Facebook album sync via cron. Not feasible due to possible timeout issues with the Facebook API
    • DoneAlbum Cover Image Cache – Generate cache to improve gallery list load time
  6. General
    • BugHoneyPot database problem fixed when having two or more instances of XMS Systems installed on the same account
    • NewGoogle reCaptcha – Expand to replace all the current captcha images.
    • DoneSpammy IP’s XMS Systems API – Need cron job to update local database
    • DoneUnblock Spammy IP’s – Expired blocked IP’s deleted automatically
    • NewSpammy IP’s XMS Systems API – Need cron job to push new local ip’s to a centralised database.
    • RejectedFancyBox – Needs upgrading to the latest release.
    • DoneGallery image uploader needs updating to avoid the use of flash. Now supports Flash, Silverlight and HTML5 based uploads. Will detect automatically what to use.
    • DoneGallery album cover image. Can set a cover image for XMS Systems albums. Facebook albums as per your facebook album settings
    • DoneGallery image order. Set display order per album
    • DoneRework MicroData for improved integration
    • DoneArticle Summaries on the homepage – Can now define a number of articles to display on the homepage
    • DoneArticle Summaries horizontal columns – Automatically adjust the columns if the right column on a page is active
    • BugCkEditor SCAYT bug – Spell checker now loading correct dictionary by default and working properly.
    • DoneOffered e-commerce products – Now ability to display these on website home page. You have the option to display then randomly or by the default order
    • DoneFeatured Tours/Trips – Display selected trips on the home page. You have the option to display then randomly or by the default order
    • DoneError Pages – Newly updated error pages
    • Captured in User ManualCustom Code block – Added functionality to add custom code to the head section of any page
    • DoneLeft Column on any page – The left column will now be hidden when the viewport is less than 649px
    • NewWill research options to collapse the left column while allowing the visitor to “uncollapse” when required
    • BugUnconfirmed bug in “spam_blocker_class” line 189-190
    • DoneClean pasted Content – Force all hidden characters to be removed from pasted content.
    • DoneEditor improvements – Added headings and lists to CSS file to better differentiate these in the editor
    • BugContact Us Maps – Fix bug that stopped the geo-coordinated from calculating properly.
    • BugContact Us Maps – Fix bug with an address not displaying properly for the “single location” instance.
    • DoneContact Us BCC – Option to set a default BCC email address to send all contact form emails to
    • DoneContact Details – Option to hide all email and telephone numbers from the page if needed
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