XMS Systems Change Log and development notices

XMS Systems Change Log and development notices

Read the XMS Systems Change Log to see the latest changes and what we are working on.

With the recent upgrade to a responsive design things got a bit out of hand with fixes and changes we made to the framework. The result was that the changelog became a “nonlog” and nobody really knows what has changed. This is an attempt to get that back on track.

Under Development (05.01.15)

The following is items that are under development, bugs that has been reported or general enhancements.

New Item: New

Process: Started

Temp. On Hold: Rejected

Done: Done

  1. Tour Module
    • DoneMultiyear Pricing – This is to allow you to define your tour prices for an unlimited number of years in advance
    • DoneBlock Pricing Structure – Expanding the “Discount for groups over xx guests” this will allow you to set a pricing structure for “blocks” of guests.
    • DoneCalendar Nugget on “Day Trip” tour details showing the “booked” days.
    • DoneDay trip bookings – Make use of the “Block pricing Structure. Will check the max group size and if any slots available (availability managed with the scheduler). Only “day trips” booked and entries set to “Private” will be checked for overbookings.
    • DoneOverbookings count bug – Allows 1 to many bookings per day if set to allow overbookings. Not a bug. It is named “overbookings”. So if you set the value to two you will be able to accept 3 bookings. That is two overbookings.
    • DoneDaytrip fully booked – Option to add blocks of dates that are fully booked. A message will be displayed of the last date of the fully booked block
    • DoneCustom Tours Request Form – This will list all your available tours on a form where the client can select any number of available tours to build themselves a custom tour. No pricing estimations will be calculated but instead ask number of days available and overall budget. An email will be generated for you to respond to and assist the client with customising.
    • NewCustomise scheduled tour – with “Things to do” while enroute. You will allocate your “short” day trips to a category that can be linked to a specific scheduled tour to expand the scope of what the client can do while on the tour.
    • DoneTour Details – Minor Layout problem with tour “Title” and “Overview”
    • DoneSchedule – Private entry set to “Yes” will hide a scheduled departure from the tour detail page
    • DoneSchedule – Private entry set to “Yes” will hide a scheduled departure from the tour booking request page
    • DoneTour Booking Request – If no schedules available for a tour, give client the option to select a set of departure dates.
    • DoneScheduled Departures Tour Details – If scheduled tour and now departure dates are set, show “No Scheduled Departures. Request Private Departures Dates
    • DoneScheduler Update – Button to add/remove booking to correct scheduler on tour proposal update as well as from the tour proposal list
    • DoneMailing List – Add non-responsive guests to mailing list
    • DoneTour id – Show tour id on tours list
    • DoneDeparture Date – Added departure date to proposal tour list
    • DoneTour preview – page outdated
  2. Article Module
    • NewFix nugget order to be Always Descending
    • DoneArticle Title – Fix bug when article “Teaser” is set and article title is not displayed.
    • DoneSummary Image to small – Fix bug in Admin Article Mod where the summary image was rescaled to a thumbnail. Now rescaling to 640px wide
    • DoneArticle Summary Image – Image now displayed as part of the article. Top to the left of the heading. If you did not upload an image the site social card or site banner will be used instead.
    • DoneCompany Blog – Change blog to display all entries if author parameter not set. This allows for multiple members to blog on the same page.
  3. E-Commerce
    • StartedCurrency bug – When processing a payment with PayPal that is different from the Website Default currency your client could receive a warning.
    • DoneProduct Options – Ability to set product options based on Minimum Access Level
    • RejectedNeed improvement with price display after selecting options
    • RejectedPOS Bar Codes – Need ability to print a selection of bar codes. Currently have “All” and “Individual”
    • NewCost of Sales – Need to have a means to record incoming stock against supplier and record import taxes and current exchange rate at time of import.
    • DoneBar Code – Improve functionality for generating individual stock item bar codes
    • DoneStock Management Category lists – Improve list to better distinguish between main categories and sub categories
    • DoneStar Rating – Added 5 star rating widget to allow your clients to rate your products. This rating widget is included in the google structured data as well.
  4. Gallery
    • DoneRandom 5 images nugget – Fix layout bug
  5. Scheduler
    • NewCheck “Clicktrough” on nuggets to correct info pages
    • DoneDay Tour Overbooking – Set overbook to “Yes” and the number of over bookings you would like to accept
    • DoneTour Calendar Items – Expand calendar maintenance to allow adding calendar items specific to “day tours”.The idea is that you will assign these to your day trips to allow for showing bookings on the tour specific calendar and nuggets. These will not be shown on the calendar filters and front-end.
    • Done Private entries visible (revisited) on front-end bug. Specifically the “calendar_by_type” page
    • DoneTime on entry pop-up – Bug fixed that displayed time when time should be hidden
  6. Facebook Integration
    • RejectedRe-visit Facebook album integration if more than 42 albums available in Facebook
    • DoneA warning will now appear on your Admin Home Page when your Facebook Page Access Token is due to expire
  7. General
    • DoneSite Load Speed – Added “dns-prefetch” calls to reduce page load time.
    • DoneDefault image for twitter cards with website banner. 642x326pixels. Supplying the (current) website banner is not very successful.
    • DoneTwitter Cards extended – A custom card can now be uploaded to every page to override the default card for that specific page.
    • DoneHeader alignment issues with text not centred above social icons.
    • DoneOpen Graph properties on “pages” not displaying propely
    • DoneBreakingNews Ticker Background – Fix bug to allow a “wide” background container (row) for the ticker class name is “breaking_news_div”.
    • DoneGoogle reCaptcha – Register and add your google recaptcha api key under “Webdite General Configuration”. Initial integration on registration page. to be expanded to all pages using captcha for spam verification.
    • NewGoogle reCaptcha – Expand to replace all the current captcha images.
    • DoneRegistration Disabled and Admin login – Add link in footer of page to login page when member registration is disabled to avoid the need to type in the url to get to the login page.
    • DoneArticle / Blog Summary. An option to display the latest 8 added / updated articles and blog entries on the home page
    • DoneSpam Registrations – Now records ip address and geo location when a new member registers. Member list will flag all registrations where the geolocation and member selected country differs.
    • DoneBlock spammy ip’s – Block spammy/any ip for a user defined duration.
    • StartedSpammy IP’s XMS Systems API – API to import spammy IP’s from a centeral XMS Systems database, need to complete the API key and import functions
    • StartedProject Honeypot – Integrate RBL to block any suspect ip address, need to complete the API and loggin options
    • DoneGoogle+ – Add buttons to Articles, tours and shopping items to post to Company Google plus page

Current Version 05.01.14 (released)

All installation will be upgraded to this version during the next week or two.

Notable changes. Ver 5.x
  • Responsive layout – This will automatically adjust your website layout to fit any device.
  • Tabular Data – Make tables responsive as much as possible then changes the layout to allow left and right scroll of the table on all devices.
  • Visual Guides – when editing content rows will be outlined with red, columns with green, Tables with blue and paragraphs with a blue dashed border (------). These visual guides will not be displayed on the frontend
    XMS Systems Editor Visual Guides
  • Editor – Complete new editor
  • XMS Support – Integrated interface in admin that shows when support is online with a direct link to get immediate support.
  • YouTube video integration improvements
  • Content Templates – Range of templates to use as a basis for your content or to mix your content layout.
  • Nuggets – These is small “data blocks” you can insert in the left ot right column on any page. You can set the order and add or remove any nugget at any time. You have the option to dynamically create nuggets for article and image gallery categories.
  • E-Commerce Nugget – This nugget displays the product categories and total number of items in each category to assist the user in accessing any category with one click  from any page
  • Tour Module –  You can change some wording to something more appropriate per tour. e.g. Tour or Excursion or Break Away
  • Twitter Cards – This allows for proper and improved formatting of any page/link that are shared to any social network platform.
  • Discontinuing of built-in url shortener in favour of SEO friendly URL
  • Article preview page for viewing unpublished articles
  • Structured Data – Automatic generated Structured Data specific to each module to improve search engine indexing
  • Improved Social Networking Integration
  • Change default ordering of articles per category
  • SEO friendly URL’s for all pages/modules
  • Improved Carousel
  • CSS Animations
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • E-commerce – PayFast Integration
  • Improved XMS Systems Licence verification confirmation
  • Disable article update email notification
  • Set Facebook API version to improve future Facebook changes
  • Hide Tour operator code is not needed
  • Set minimum view port with for cookie popups to prevent Google penalty on mobile devices.
  • Bug fix on article category nugget
  • Add recommended retail price in e-commerce module
  • Hide for rent button on tour booking form
  • Allow for “name” change of “for rent” option
  • Canonical URL – Dynamic set of canonical URL and “check and redirect” to the canonical URL to prevent duplicate indexing in search engines.
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