International XMS Systems Version Development

International XMS Systems Version Development

Log of pages and module completed for the international version of XMS Systems

With the increased popularity of XMS Systems, there is a real need to be able to have the content management system in other languages than just English.

While we are building a translation engine and adjusting the CMS to use the translation engine, we will also be including the functionality to allow for multiple language sites to “link” to one another.

This will allow you to have up to 4 different language versions of your site while retaining the SEO work you have done on your primary site and avoiding the dreaded “duplicate content” dilemma.

Obviously, this is an enormous task and will take some time to complete and have it bug-free. But rest assured we will be burning the midnight candle to get it done as soon as possible.

Linking the different pages will look like this:

Linking multiple language sites

If both versions of the sites are linked you and working it will look like this:

Linked sucessfully

Reworking social media information a the same time to improve social reach

New Item


On Hold


In Manual
Captured in User Manual


Ver 5.3.01 DEV

  1. Admin
    • DoneTranslation engine
    • DoneCentral Database
    • DoneCreate New Translation
    • DoneUpdate/Edit existing translation
    • DoneImport any new additions
    • DoneGenerate actual translation cache file
    • DoneXMS “System Pages” allows for 4 alternative URL’s and languages and Default URL
    • DoneXMS “My Pages” allows for 4 alternative URL’s and languages and Default URL
    • Done Shopping Categories and sub-categories allow for 4 alternative URL’s and languages and Default URL
    • DoneShopping Items allow for 4 alternative URL’s and languages and Default URL
    • Done validating username and password during registration
    • DoneTour Management allows for 4 alternative URL’s and languages and Default URL
    • StartedRemoving back-end old Tour Costing
    • Done Tour Category definition multilingual URL’s
  2. Front-End
    • DoneHeader – Translations
    • DoneFooter – Translations
    • DoneHome Page – Translations
    • DoneMy Pages – Translations
    • DoneHome Page and My Pages language settings and Alternative, Default URL’s
    • DoneLogin Page -Translations (No Alternative URL’s)
    • DoneCommunity Market (No Alternative URL’s)
  3. Pages Done
    • Doneindex.php
    • Doneabout_us.php
    • Donearticles.php (No Alternative URL’s) – List all articles
    • Donearticles_by_category.php (No Alternative URL’s) – List articles by category
    • Donearticle_categories.php – Category Index
    • Donearticles_read.php (No Alternative URL’s)
    • Donearticles_search.php
    • Doneauthors.php (No Alternative URL’s)
    • Doneblog.php (No Alternative URL’s) – Check page id 44 if using the company blog
    • Doneshop_front.php
    • Doneview_kart.php
    • Startedstep0.php
    • Donestep1.php
    • Donestep2.php
    • Donestep3.php
    • Donestep4.php
    • Donereturn.php
    • Doneoffers.php
    • Donebrows_parent_category.php
    • Donebrows_products.php
    • Done product_detail.php
    • Donemail_friend.php (shop)
    • Donemail_us.php (shop)
    • Donecontact_us.php
    • Doneregistration.php
    • Doneforgot_password.php
    • Donecalendar_detail.php
    • Donecalendar_by_type.php
    • Donecalendar_list_events.php
    • Donegallery_list.php
    • Done news_letters.php
    • Donememberl.php
    • Donelink_list.php
    • Donelink_category.php
    • Donefile_list.php
    • Donefile_list_by_category.php
    • Donebuy_and_sell.php
    • Donebuy_and_sell_for_sale.php
    • Donebuy_and_sell_wanted.php
    • DoneTours_categories.php
    • Donetour_list_category.php
    • Done Tour Details Page
    • DoneTour Contact Page
    • DoneTour Custom Contact Page
    • Donetour_mail_us.php
    • Donetour_mail_friend.php
    • Doneaircraft details page
  4. Nuggets
    • DoneShop Offers
    • DoneShop Site Offers
    • DoneCompany Address
    • DoneImage Galleries
    • DoneLatest 5 Images
    • DoneBlog Categories
    • DoneArticle Categories
    • DoneMore articles in Category
    • DoneBuy and sell
    • DoneCalendar by type
    • DoneCalendar – No Click
    • DoneDownload Categories
    • DoneLatest Articles
    • DoneLatest News
    • DoneLink Categories
    • DoneLinks
    • DoneMore articles by Author
    • DoneRandom Images
    • DoneScheduled 5 Departures
    • DoneScheduled Departures
    • DoneScheduled Events
    • Done10 Scheduled Events
    • DoneAll Scheduled Events
    • DoneSearch Articles
    • DoneShop Categories
    • DoneShop Search
    • DoneMail List Subscribe
    • DoneRequest Aircraft Information
    • DoneFeatured Aircraft Nugget
    • DoneAircraft Type Categories Nugget
  5. Member Section
    • Doneshop_orders.php
    • Doneshop_email.php
    • Doneshop_view_invoice.php
    • Doneshop_download.php
    • Doneindex.php
    • Doneprofile.php
    • Donechange_pw.php
    • Donetour_proposal.php
  6. Other improvements and bug fixes
    • Done Validate email address not in the database when Admin creates a new member manually and display a message if it is before trying to register a new member.
    • DoneAbility to override pricing, product options and add to cart button on product details page with a custom built “PayPal Buy Now” button.
    • DoneThe problem when adding an article if “PDF Download” is disabled in article module configuration.
    • DoneImprove Calendar display on mobile devices
    • DoneFix bug with selecting a background colour for a calendar type in admin
    • DoneFront-end old tour costing removed
    • DoneAdded Min Access Level option for image galleries to “hide” selected galleries from public view
    • Done Allow newsletter list to be displayed on the registration page
    • DoneDeveloped custom website thumbnail application to replace defunct thumbnail provider for auto thumbnails on the “Useful Links” pages
    • Done”Useful Links” thumbnails now generated via the admin section speeding up the front pages.
    • Done“Downloadable Files” now have 3 “display order” options defined separately per category.
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