Foster Aero International

Foster Aero International

Foster Aero International is a company located at Lanseria Airport South Africa specialising in Aircraft Sales and Pilot Training.


Their requirements were two-fold.

  1. Needed a module for managing aircraft that is for sale, categorised by aircraft class
  2. Give information about the Pilot Training and different courses available


Aircraft For Sale Module

The Aircraft For Sale Module is custom developed and includes specific aircraft related information and photos. Complete with total views, and contact information.

The module also includes the ability for prospective clients to subscribe to a mailing list to get notified when a new aircraft is listed as for sale. Administration has the ability to resend this notification email at any time.

Flying School

The Flying School used the standard XMS Systems to display and manage the content, including student blogs and photo galleries.

Custom development includes an online examination system catering for different student levels. The exams are multiple choice and the exam is generated from a database of 100's of questions entered and maintainable by the client.
The result is that each paper is unique. When the student submits the answer sheet, it gets rated by the system.
Admin has full control over the answer sheets and a student can at any time discuss the results with the instructor and amend the results as needed.
The exam module caters for "test" papers as well as "official" tests. The official test is managed by a dynamically generated unique exam code that is allocated on a "per exam basis" to a specific student. Exam numbers can not be used twice.

Foster Aero International has recently added secure facebook tab to their facebook page. The secure canvas url is hosted by our sister company exelwebs.

Written by:  - 11 Nov, 2011