XMS Systems Security features overview

XMS Systems Security features overview

Overview of security systems in place in XMS Systems

We at XMS Systems takes security very seriously and are constantly reviewing our approach and working on improving.how we secure your XMS Systems based website.

Not everyone has simply a website that simply displays information. A good number of our users has sensitive information stored in their websites that needs to be kept save at all times. In other cases it is simply a matter of making sure the right people can do and see the correct information.

The trick is to find a balance between keeping information secure and preventing data-breaches while still maintaining a website that are usable.

Security functions we have in place

  1. Free SSL certificates on all installations
  2. Captcha tests on all forms open to the public
  3. Multiple access levels
  4. Multiple combinations of admin access
  5. Members and Administrators uses the same login page
  6. Reports e-mailed to admin whenever anyone logs in
  7. Reports e-mailed when an administrator logs in.
  8. Access level sensitive menu’s
  9. Access level sensitive pages
  10. Access blocks on failed login attempts
  11. Manual account suspension
  12. Timed account life with auto suspension
  13. Time sensitive menu items
  14. built-in error reports e-mailed directly to the developers
  15. in some cases a “pre-screening” functionality for registration
  16. well configured and secured servers in place
  17. daily, weekly and monthly off-site backups
  18. and a few others that are not open for discussion…
    The image below from a popular XMS Systems based website should say enough
    XMS Systems effective security
Written by:  - Updated 1 Oct, 2022