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Intergrate McAfee SECURE badge into XMS Systems

Intergrate McAfee SECURE badge into XMS Systems

Short overview of the steps required to add a McAfee SECURE badge to your XMS Systems based website.

In today's day and age, it is increasingly important that you do everything you can to address your website visitor security concerns and keep their data safe.

One of the easiest ways to show your site visitors you taking security seriously is to display an active site Trustmark from a trusted 3rd party provider that will test your website for known issues on a regular basis.

McAfee SECURE is one of those trusted 3rd parties and well known for their anti-virus and malware applications for desktop pc’s.

To get started you need to register an account with McAfee SECURE and configure the basic stuff to get the script you need to integrate into your website.

A free version is available that do at least the basic scanning and display the floating trustmark for your first 500 visits per month—free forever

Once you have completed the basic configuration, click the “Setup Wizard” on the left of the McAfee SECURE menu to retrieve the code that needs to go into your website.

McAfree Secure code

It says to add the code to every page you want to display the trustmark. With XMS Systems that task is made super easy.

Integrate with XMS Systems.

  1. Log into your XMS Systems Admin Area
  2. Navigate to: Site Dashboard » Website Configuration » Search Engine Integration » Google Codes
  3. Copy the code given to you by McAfee SECURE
  4. Paste the copied code below anything you have in the big box
  5. click the “Update Google Settings” button to save it.
  6. Verify the Trustmark is displayed on your website as expected.

An example of successful integration can be seen on the bottom right of the XMS Systems website. Feel free to click the Trustmark to see what McAfee SECURE have to say about XMS Systems

McAfee SECURE will immediately start to scan your website and update the Trustmark with the relevant information ready for your clients to view.

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