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Welcome to the completely re-developed XMS Systems that is even better then the previous successful versions.

Statistics has shown that more and more Internet users are accessing your site via some mobile device or another. Therefore we have decided to halt any module development for the time being and update all existing modules to be “Mobile first”.

That means that your Website will look good and work as expected on any device, no matter the screen size.

If things looks a bit weird at times on our website it is probably because we are busy with some experiment to improve XMS Systems to work the way our valued clients want’s it to be.

Therefor XMS Systems home page and website is always a “work in progress”

Mobile penetration

Mobile User Penetration (

 “Why use XMS Systems...”

Unlike the website builders available from some of the large hosting companies XMS Systems is developed with you, the owner, in mind.

Our hosting servers are specifically optimised to ensure a secure environment enabling smooth operation for XMS Systems with support engineers on standby 24/7 if anything goes wrong on the servers.

We actively develop XMS Systems based on user input and are more than willing to customise your installation to suit your specific needs. If the changes can benefit everyone using XMS Systems so much the better.

Furthermore we receive automated notification each time you make a mistake trying to do something. We analyse these reports to see how we can improve your experience.

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What do you get…?

  • to build your website the way you want it
  • help and support when you need it
  • professional hosting included
  • professional email included
  • domain registration available at affordable prices
  • custom development if needed
  • a responsive website that looks and works well on all devices from small mobiles to large desktops without having to add extra “mobile” pages
  • free daily backups of your website in a secure off-site environment.
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