XMS Systems

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Hire and Fly Aircraft Manager ®

Aim of this module

The hire and fly module was developed specially for aircraft owners that advertise their aircraft as available for "Hire and Fly" as well as Flying Schools.

The main focus is to make it easy to manage insurance requirements and bookings (Bookings module required) with up to date and accurate records of pilots flying and using your aircraft.

It is an extension of the basic XMS Content Management System and integrates well on all levels.

All the standard features of XMS Systems are included with the Hire and Fly module.
The unique expandability of XMS Systems allows you to integrate the following modules as and when you need them:

Main Features of the Hire and Fly module

  • Administration Section
    1. List an unlimited number of aircraft for Hire and Fly
    2. Per aircraft, define the minimum currency requirements
    3. Per aircraft, define the cost, wet or dry
    4. Per aircraft, define a short description and upload a photo
    5. Per aircraft, define loyalty parameters, i.e. fly 10 hours and get one hour free or at a discounted rate.
      Or disable it per aircraft.
    6. View and print detailed reports on your pilots, including
      • licence detail,
      • next of kin
      • ratings
      • specialist training
      • total hours flown
      • totals flown per aircraft type
      • totals per equipment
      • insurance status
      • currency statuses per hire and fly aircraft.
    7. View pilot logbook
    8. Approve Hire and Fly hours that might qualify for loyalty hours
    9. Suggest fly-in destinations with basic airfield info, integrated on a satellite image
  • Pilot Section
    1. Maintain your Pilot License
    2. Maintain your log-book
    3. Maintain hours flown, including a breakdown
      • per aircraft type, 
      • per equipment
      • per type of flight
      • per status in the cockpit, PIC, instructor, co-pilot
    4. View and print complete pilot reports, suitable to take to any flying school and to apply for insurance
    5. View activity per aircraft
    6. Apply for loyalty hours if available per aircraft
    7. Automated currency checking per aircraft requirement
  • Front End
    1. View a list of aircraft available
    2. View costs and currency requirements
    3. Short description
    4. Photo of aircraft
    5. If registered and logged in, can apply to fly the aircraft