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We are proud to announce the release of XMS Systems version 2.4

This version includes the following:

Client Side:

  1. Articles Module

    • Twitter and Facebook buttons
    • Smilies are available for the comments.
      This can be disabled in the Admin section under "Company Defaults" if you do not want to use them.
    • The site visitor can select how many articles to display on the "Article List" page.
    • Articles can be listed "Per Author" via a link on the menu.
      The menu link will be /author.php?mem_id=xx (where xx is the account number of the author)
    • A RSS Feed is available on the "Author" page.
    • An article count is now displayed on the "More Articles by this Author" in the side panels
  2. Down-loadable Files Module

  3. Login Page

    • If you have the "Registration Page" somewhere on your menu there will be a link on the login page to the registration page.
    • If you disable the "Registration Page" on your menu the words "New Member registrations closed at this time" will be displayed instead.
  4. Blog

    • The "articles Module" can now be used as a blog.
      The file to use on your menu is /blog.php
      By default the articles of member id 2 will be shown on the blog. This is usually the default account of the "Super Administrator" of the website. In most cases the owner.
    • If you have more than one member that is going to use the blog then the link to use in the menu will be /blog.php?mem_id=xx (where xx is the account number of the blogger)
    • The blog lists by default 20 entries, complete with twitter and like buttons to each. The website visitor can select if he / she wants to show more than 20 on the page. If you have more than 20 entries the list would be paginated and shown on the usual "Next" buttons located at the bottom of the page.
    • All the usual "Article Module" functions are available on the blog.

Members Section

  1. Articles Module

    • Articles can now be ordered individually by the author
  2. Booking System

Administration Section

  1. SEO Settings

    • The upload field for uploading new site-maps will not be available if you already uploaded a site-map. You will need to delete the file first
    • Buttons has been added to let "Google", "Bing" and "Yahoo" know you have site-maps available. This should reduce the time before they visit your website to start indexing your website.
  2. Invoicing

    • The "Total Payed", "Date Payed" and "Transaction ID" fields are not visible when generating a manual invoice.
  3. Content Updates

    • Support for the HTML tag   is now included.
    • More tags might be included in the feature. It depends on feedback that we receive from users so keep us posted on your requirements.
  4. Down-loadable Files

    • The usual restriction facility for downloading files only had two options. 1. Allow downloads to everyone, 2. Allow downloads to members only. This is set on a per file basis.
    • We expanded the functionality to allow you to do the following:
      On a per file basis you can still use the original settings
      On a per file basis you can now limit the download based on a combination of "Members Only" and their "Access Level" to the website.
    • The Access Level function works on the exact same principle as the access level you would set on what pages can be seen by what access level.
    • This could mean that a file that is set to be down-loadable to "Members Only" can now be set to be downloaded only be members that has an access level of "Admin" or higher. or "Full Membership" or higher. Be careful to test the setting when you are done and make sure to set the appropriate "Access Level" in the "Member Profile" page.
  5. Company Info / Company Details

    • With the addition of "Smileys" in the comments section of the "Article Module" the need the need arises that you might not want the users to be able to insert smileys into the comments. This can be enabled or disabled in the Admin Section.
  6. Calender Booking Items

    • Items can now be ordered to be displayed in the order you want them to be displayed.
    • In the previous release we included the ability to associate an email address with a "Bookings Item". This had the kickback that you need to give the owner of the email address access to your "Administration Section" that you would not normally want to give access to. The other drawback was that any given member could edit / update any other "Booking" as well.
      To alleviate the problem we added the function to allocate a member to a "Booking Item" as well.
    • For the member to edit / update a "Booking" he / she only need to log on and navigate to the "My Bookings" menu item in the "Member Section". The system will automatically recognise the member as a member with the responsibility to maintain the bookings associated with his / her account and a button will appear on the usual calendar that will redirect the member the the "Member Based" booking maintenance calender. Only bookings the the member is responsible for will be available for editing.
    • The member doesn't need access to the "Administration Section" any more.

Upgrade Procedure

Please refer to the XMS Systems Upgrade Procedure here

Going Mobile

We are experimenting with the idea of building an application for Mobile Phones to allow you to update your blog or write articles on the move directly from your mobile.
This will also include looking and managing your bookings remotely and for the "Hire and Fly" module to allow pilots to update their logbooks. 

Unfortunately this will be "payed" applications and compatibility will initially be limited to one or two phones.
Please let us know what phones you want supported.

Due to the restrictions by Apple Mac IPhone will not be supported at this time.

Thank you for using eXel content Management Systems