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Hi ,

I have started with upgrading all websites to the latest release.

It is mainly a maintenance release to fix a couple of things that needed fixing after changes made to the majority of browsers over the last couple of years that break some things.

The biggest problem was with the uploading of images to the XMS Image Gallery and uploading images for use in the content editor.

Usually, I will just go ahead and do the upgrades but in this case, I need to point out something important that will affect how you view and use your image galleries and potentially your hosting account space.

Please review this article titled “Image Gallery Default Settings” and make sure your gallery will work for you as you intended it to.

Important Notice.

We reviewed out Server Security yesterday and made some changes. If you receive some error when updating a page or changing a setting somewhere, please let us know the exact steps you followed so we can try and reproduce the error.

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