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January 2018 Newsletter

Hi ,
Yes, it's me. Time for another one of the “few and far in between” newsletters primarily to say thank you to all the valued XMS Systems and Exelwebs users and give a short overview of where we are going in the new year.

A lot of things has changed in the last year. XMS Systems has “really grown” up nicely with a lot of the modules re-written to follow the latest trends in development and “must haves” in terms of SEO. We are still in the process of upgrading websites to the latest version. So if your website does not have the latest”Microdata” module installed, hang in there, the list is getting shorter. Something to take note of is that XMS Systems has now officially been spilt onto different modules. So you can start your “basic” website for as little as £10/mo, including your hosting. As your needs grow and you need the use of different modules, you can then purchase the add-on modules you need.

Here is a reminder of what happened so far…

On the hosting front, we have some good news as well. For those that have not visited their cPanels or Member section on Exelwebs lately, all hosting accounts have been upgraded with a bit more disk-space and bandwidth to say thank you for your support.

On New Year’s Eve completed the final task for 2017… Chucking out our old servers and replaced them with new state-of-the-art machines. To put the cherry on top, we also chucked out all the “old-style” spinning hard drives and replaced them with “Raid 10 – SSD drives”. Solid state drives have one major benefit over traditional mechanical drives: low latency due to no moving parts. Optimal performance without a big price tag.

The same is true for our range of Virtual Private Servers (VPS). If you do not know what a VPS is, it is your very own server that you can do what you want on. You have full control over it and get two IP address you can call your very own. Your “cyber neighbour” will have no effect on you and your IP addresses will not be blacklisted if they send spam email. Having said that, if your IP do get listed, it will be your own fault.
If you need a VPS but are not sure you will be able to manage it properly or do not know where to start maintaining it, we do have a support packet available you can purchase as an add-on.

So what is in the pipeline for 2018?

We should be able to complete the “Exam Module” early in the year. For those that want to give it a try please visit the module on our development website here. Read more about the Exam Module here.

The next “big” thing we are working on is to make XMS Systems truly multilingual. This will allow you to translate the front-end into any language you would like. Furthermore, you will be able to “link” multiple “foreign language” versions together to point to your main XMS Systems based website to gain maximum SEO kickback from your marketing efforts.

The SMS/text message service needs to get done as well. There is most certainly a need for SMS comms.

Who knows what more… As usual anyone with suggestions on how to improve XMS Systems or have an idea for an additional module. Make sure to give us a shout.

As an additional “kick-back” we are reviewing our affiliate system that will earn your a £50.00 payout for every new client you refer to Exelwebs for an XMS Systems based website. Keep a lookout for when we launch so you can start earning.

All the best for 2018 and may your website and related business be at the top of the SERPS and get top and consistent conversions.

Kind Regards
Fred Mac Donald

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