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XMS Systems

Good day

It has come to our attention that the automated forex update for e-commerce, including the tour module has stopped working somewhere during the last 24-48 hours.

That happened as a result of Google changing the URL of the API we are calling to get the latest exchange rates for your chosen currencies.

The API call is fixed now and all effected websites are updated and should update the exchanges rates somewhere during the night.

If you have your forex update set to automatic. Please make sure your exchange rates is as expected by manually clicking the “Update Button” to get the latest exchange rates.

Please also make sure to check the email from your website when the automated update has been run first thing in the morning.

We apologise for the inconvenience but because we are reliant on a third party for the latest exchange rates it is unfortunately outside of our control.

Please make a habbit of checking your exchange rates on a regular basis as XMS Systems can not guarantee that it will be correct. You can refresh your memory on the procedure by reading this article on forex updates.

Fred Mac Donald

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