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Upgrade 3.02

Bug Fixes

EU Cookie Module bug fix (Version 3.01)

  • Fixed an error that stopped the Site Map generator from indexing the site to build a new sitemap

Contact Us Page

  • Fixed a bug where the first line of the address was displayed as "0"
    Please contact us if you have customisation on this page to we can insert the customised sections.

New and improved functionality

Added security

  • Setting a country as "Not Visable" in the Administration section will not only remove that Country from the registration page but will also prevent a visitor from that country to view any pages of the website.

Admin Section

  • More efficient and easy Front End menu setup page
  • Replaced tick boxes with radio buttons on company defaults page
  • added settings to allow guests to interact on the article pages.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the style sheet used in the administration area to fix a display issue.
  • Set Access Level "9" as a default and named it "Article Moderators"
  • Added functionality to easily see what member belongs to what "access level"

Articles Module

  • Allows for guest to post comments. (off by default)
    My suggestion would be to switch this on to allow interaction and keep the article "fresh"
    The comments are subjected to moderation no mater what the settings
  • Checks and cleans out all html code in all comments posted
  • Guests are now able to rate articles (on by default)
  • If a members access is set to "Super Admin" or "Article Moderator" they will be able to moderate a comment from the article itself. No need to navigate and search for the specific article in the administration area.
  • Implemented the rel:author tag on all article and relevant pages.
    More information on authorship available here from Google

Ads Module

  • Now allows for ads to be displayed on a "per click" basis
    If you set the ad to "Max Click" as 1000, the ad will continue to be displayed on a random basis until it has been clicked 1000 times

I have already done a couple of upgrades for the newer XMS Systems site owners. So if you do not see the "New Version" button in your administration section, you are one of the lucky ones.

All you would need to do it to navigate to "Admin >> Setup >> Defaults >> Company Info" and select the appropriate settings for your articles.

Thank you for using XMS Systems

Fred Mac Donald

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