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Hello , 

Most people will know about the controversial "EU Cookie Directive" that was passed into law recently.
The directive is actually an extension of the "Data Protection Act"

Although I am personally against this legislation and feel that it is uncalled for, XMS Systems will implement a method that will allow the users to choose if they want to allow cookies or not.

This is currently under development and can be tested at http://www.leadingwebexposure.com

Information that every website knows about you:

Your IP address and basic browser information is stored on the server of every website you have ever visited

How will we give your visitor a choice to "accept cookies" or "opt-out" from them?

  • First of all we will attempt to figure out what country they are coming from.  (we have the IP address so it is simply a matter of looking it up in a database)
  • Next the user will be redirected to a page explaining what cookies are all about and given the choice to "Continue" or "Refuse Cookies"
  • if the wrong choice was made, a link to "Reset all Cookies" and "Set Non EU Cookies" will be available at the bottom of the page.
  • Reset all cookies will obviously restart the whole process.
  • Set Non EU Cookies is in essence the same as accepting all cookies, the only difference is that the eu_directive cookie will be set to non_eu.

The whole process will make the site slower so we save information in a cookie (SIC) to avoid slowing things down every time the same visitor comes along.

What you will have to do?

  • Enable the module by...
  • Ticking a couple of boxes to define the countries in the EU, and probably the rest of the world soon, that have this requirement.
  • Review the content that we have defined in the "Cookie" page.

Please visit http://www.leadingwebexposure and test the functionality.  All visitors will be directed to the "cookie page" during the testing phase.

Please let us know if you experience any issues.

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