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Good day

We are proud to announce the next update for XMS Systems .

We will be applying the upgrade on your behalf as there is one file that has to do with the automated upgrade function in particular that needs upgrading as well.

There are a number of new functionalities and a couple of bug fixes.


Article / Blog / Knowledge Base Module

  • Admin can now disable comments on any entry
  • All entries can now be categorised
    To add a category log in to the administration section and navigate to Setup > Modules > Content Categories
    You should now have a Category Type of "Articles" as well
    The administrator can re-assign any article to any other category.
  • Articles can be linked to the menu on a per category basis.
  • Logged in Administrator can now add articles straight from the admin section via a link taking him / her to the the member section.
    The admin still can't add articles on behalf of another member. This is to ensure the author of any article gets recognised by displaying his / her name below the article.
  • Member leaving comments can now use a nickname to "not identify" them on the front end.
    The administrators will still see the actual member names in the administration section.
  • Now displays the number of time an article has been displayed.
    Overview of displayed articled is available on the Administration landing page.
  • Note: You will need to add a category for your articles and edit them all to set the categories. If you do not want to categorised your articles as such, simply use a category called "General" for example and assign it to all your articles.


  • Page Counter
    This is simply a "Hit Counter" that counts how many time any page has been displayed from the date the counter was last reset. This counter can be reset on a per page basis by editing the page as usual or globally from the administration landing page.
    The page counter can be selected to be displayed on the footer of the pages or not via the "Company Details" page.
  • Photo Slider
    The updated photo slider will now display photos to the maximum width of the page. The photos needs to be wide enough to be able to do that nicely.
    Remember larger photos takes up more disk space and takes longer to download, so use this wisely.
    Use images from a specific photo gallery or random photos from the articles.
    Photos in slider is linked to the specific gallery or article the photo was selected from
    Different transitions available on the slider

Downloadable Files Module

  • Allows for RAR files to be uploaded

Member Section

  • Categorise your articles
  • Add a nickname in your profile that will be used when you comments on an article or blog entry.
    If the nickname is not entered, the members name will be used.

Photo Gallery

  • Larger photo uploads supported for the slider
    Remember larger photos takes up more disk space and takes longer to download, so use this wisely.

Social Networking

  • New icons
    We spend some time trying to design icons for the social networking links. We hope you enjoy them
  • Supports LinkedIn

Front end Menu

  • Build the links automatically from drop down lists depending on what you select
    Links available is;
    • Articles by Category
    • Articles by Author
    • Blog by Author
  • The usual "Custom URL" is still available
  • Note: If you want to change the "Type of Page" (System page or My Own Page), or want to change one of the "build links", you will need to select something else first to reactivate the drop downs lists

Company details page

  • Add support for a LinkedIn profile
  • Switch on / off the "Hit Counter"
  • Working on not displaying configuration options that is not relevant to your installation.

Admin Section

  • Reworked Admin landing page
  • Page View summary added
  • Article View summary added
  • Social networking links to us

Calendar / Bookings Module

  • The long awaited Export and mass delete function will be included in the update.

Hire and Fly

  • The Hire and Fly module development is ongoing and enhancements has been implimented
  • The most functional one being the ability to define two pricing types, Wet and Dry.
  • The ability to set one of the pricing types to "Wet Price on Request" and leave the cost per hour a 0.00
    This would allow the owner to rent at a rate that is flexible according to the cost of fuel.

Bug Fixes

Expired member accounts
There was a problem that if a members account expired before he can log in to renew it during the final 30 days, the member could not get back in to renew his / her account. A new account can not be recreated because his / her email address is already in the database.
When the member attempts a log in it will now show a message that the account is expired, asks for the registered email and password, then reset the account to active for 1 day to allow renewal.

Articles Module
When admin updated a member blog entry the "Type of Entry" was set to "Article" instead of leaving it on "Blog"

Latest Version Check
There was an issue with the automated upgrade checks in that sometimes an error is shown on the Administration landing page preventing the proper loading of the page.
A new method has been implemented and after extensive testing it seems that it is working as it should now.

Hire and Fly
The aircraft type database table was missing so you could not add or edit the list of available aircraft for use in the pilots logbooks

New Module

Ads Module

  • We are developing a module that can be used to sell block ads and banner ad space on your site. Block ads can be inserted in the left or right sides of any page and banner ads on the footer of any page.
  • The ads records clicks and supports activation and expiration dates.

The BETA version of the ads module is included in this upgrade, please make use of it and give feedback.

Anyone with customisation on the Update Content and Login pages needs to submit a support ticket after they applied the upgrade to notify us of the completion and request implementation of the customisation again.

There is a limitation on the maximum size of file you can upload via the "File Download Module"
If you need to upload a larger file follow the following procedure

  1. Create a dummy file with exactly the same file name and extension that you want to upload.
  2. Upload the file
  3. Log in to your Cpanel and use the "File Manager" inside the Cpanel to upload the file
    You can also use a normal FTP client to upload the file
    Make sure to overwrite the existing file. If it doesn't ask you to overwrite, then you either did not use the exact file name when you originally uploaded the file, or you are uploading to the incorrect folder on the server.
  4. If you don't have the guts to use FTP or Cpanel or simply don't know how to do this, we are always willing to help.
  5. Keep in mind you do not have an unlimited amount of disk space available so don't go wild and upload gigabytes of files that you cant support on your hosting package.
  6. Keep in mind you don't have unlimited bandwidth for your users to download the files either.

Thank you for using eXel Content Management Systems.

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