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Version 2.31 was released on 2010-11-15

So what is new?
The biggest positive point of this upgrade is the replacement of the buggy editor with the well-used and famous TinyMCE editor.
TinyMCE is used on a lot of websites as the on-line editor of choice and is using up to date technology that eases the way it integrates with your browser. It is highly cross-browser compatible and we tested it on a number of browsers including FireFox 4 BETA7, IE8, Opera, Chrome and Flock

When you work with it you will notice it is a lot faster and easier to work with.

Enhancements in this release.
Changes made to the links in the calendar to stop search engine spiders from getting "lost" inside the calendars and following links to a different month only to find another link to another month and so on. This caused high server loads and huge bandwidth usage on some sites.

The ability to upload site-maps has been added and links will automatically be inserted in the footer of the page. This will help search engine to find and index larger websites.

Site-maps can be generated and downloaded at XMS-Sitemaps.com for free.
Contact us if you need a version installed that will automate the site-map generation process completely, from generating the maps to letting the search engines know a new or updated site-map is available for your site.
This will unfortunately incur a small fee for the application and installation and configuration

Very shortly after the 2.31 release followed the upgrade to Version 2.32 released on 2010-11-19


  1. Error on the "Read Articles" page where an error occurred that in some instances a line from the first paragraph of the article was displayed above the site banner

  2. There was also a problem with the account renewals procedure following the 2.31 release.


  1. "Booking Items" can now have an associated email address that will allow an email to be sent to the person responsible for managing a specific booking item.
    The usual administration emails are still sent.

  2. In the administration section the calendar can now be filtered to only show bookings for a specific "Bookings Item"
    This means that a specific "Bookings Item" (read person) can easily filter the calendar to only show his or her allocated bookings

  3. The blocks around the "Booking Items" as displayed above the calendar has been increased in height. That makes it easier to see the proper background colour of the item

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