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Version 2.00 is finally here

This version upgrade focused mainly on the development and integration of a template system

  1. The new template system allows you to create and modify as many templates as you like.
  2. Activate any template simply by the click of a button.
  3. Redefine almost every aspect of the page layout and colour schemes as well as the background of the content areas
  4. Modify the colours of all header graphics
  5. Modify the colours of the Calender booking items.
  6. Preview any template for the site in general
  7. Preview your calendar with actual bookings from your site.

Included in this upgrade is a number of enhancements to the current features.

  1. Fix layouts and rendering for a couple of things.
    Most noticeable will be fixes on the rounded corners of the side panels when viewed using firefox and other browsers that support border radius.
  2. Side panels now uses the "h3" tag for the heading instead of "h2". This should help your SEO if you make use of the "h2" tag somewhere in your page content by giving it a SEO priority of less then the page content.
  3. Improve the layout of the calendar, specially in the "Year View"
  4. Articles module.
    • now logs the member that flags a comment
    • Comments can be edited by the site admin.
    • The owner of an article can allow or disable comments on any article at any time.
      This means that if the article owner decides to enable comments and there are 100's of comments, he can disable the comments to avoid anyone posting more.
    • The owner will now receive an automated email every time a comment is posted. This should greatly simplify the moderation of any comments.
  5. In the Admin section you now have the option to "Recheck" the latest version
    This also includes a function to "Reload" any add-on modules. This "Reload" serves two functions
    •  You will use this "Reload" function to apply the new updates for the add-on modules if there was any updates to them.  (Check the Release Notes for that)
    • Will fetch and apply any intermediate updates and fixes to your modules.  Note that these intermediate fixes might be in a test phase. so don't reload your module if you do not want to participate in any testing of fixes.
    • If you do not want intermediate updates then you only need to "Reload" once for each module following every official release.
More information about the upgrade can be found here
More information about how to use the template system can be found here

Hire and Fly Module
The Hire and Fly module is still in testing phase and most of the bugs is sorted. We hope to start with a public BETA test phase in the not to distant feature.
Anyone that are interested in joining the public BETA please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

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