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XMS Upgrade Functionality
An Automated Upgrade functionality has just been added to your XMS based website. Well it is semi-automated as we can't actually push the updates to your website 100% automatically due to security reasons.

How does it work?
Next time you log into your website, you will see that the actual version number installed is now displayed on your "Admin Home Page".
Every time you load your "Admin Home Page", the system automatically checks if a new version is available. We feel this is the most effective method of doing this. A fully automated method will generate unnecessary traffic and use up your monthly bandwidth.
If a new version is available you will see an "Upgrade Icon" next to the Version Number.

By clicking on the "Upgrade" icon you will be taken to the "XMS Administration Panel" where you will once again see your "Current Version" as well as the "Available Version"
If a new version is available there will be a link to "Get Updates"

On the "Get Updates" page, first click on "Get Latest Updates" before you do anything else. This is to ensure you have the absolute latest update.

Your updates will then be displayed and you can "Apply" them, starting at the lowest version number. This is necessary to ensure you have all the updates that is necessary. Newer or future updates might be dependant on previous updates.

Every time you applied an update the Current Version will be displayed.

Bug Reports and Suggestions
Please report all bugs found with as much information as possible here.
You can use the same page for suggestions.  You will need to log in before you can make a posting.
If you forgot your log in details or do not know what it is, there is a link on the log in page to retrieve your details. If you still can't log in, drop us an email from the "Contact Us" page and we will assist you with the necessary details.

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