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We are not sure why Reed keeps on sending you to our website to log your hours, for support or whatever you are supposed to do on XMS Systems.

Please refrain from registering with us but rather contact your supervisor/HR Manager at Reed Global and ask them to clarify why you should register or contact XMS Systems for support.

We had a number of people registering with our website claiming to be from Reed Global. We also had a number of phone calls and an endless string of email messages where people expected us to solve Reed related queries.

Every support request requires action to be taken. Our policy is to handle support requests at the highest priority. That means we drop what we busy with and redirect all resources to solving the problem as soon as possible. A non-relevant support request still needs to be looked at by someone. That is a resource that could have been put to use is a better way.

I have been told I am unprofessional in my responses to Reed Employees. Frankly, my dear, I don’t care too much for people that can’t read and have no inclination or understanding of the importance of double checking the website they are visiting is the one they actually supposed to be on.

XMS Systems has been around since 19th September 2007 while XMS Portal (where you suppose to be) was only registered since 14th April 2014 so I refuse to be nice any more.

So if, despite this rant, you still decide to submit a support request and you are offended by my response and tells me to have a proper disclaimer and nice template to “fire off” to ignorant people, get over it and move on...

Only support requests from  XMS Systems clients will be honoured. If you do contact us for support, please add your domain name and company name to the message or submit your request via the official support channel.


This is where you suppose to be:


Who and what is XMS Systems?

We are a web application development company developing web solutions from scratch using the latest PHP and MySQL technology. Including HTML, Jquery, XML, CSS and anything else that would allow us to get a web application to look and work the way the client intend the application to look and work.

This website and others are done using out bespoke developed content management systems (XMS Systems) making use of the latest technologies and are fully responsive and will display as intended on most mobile devices without having to design a second website.

We also have our own intern hosting servers and are in a position to supply shared hosting in 3 different datacenters in the USA as well as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in 4 different locations, 3 in the USA and one in the EU. These services are managed from our sister website at ExelWebs

Each hosting account, no matter how large or small comes with a free SSL certificate to ensure maximum security and peace of mind to your visitors.

Furthermore, you can register and manage domains with us at competitive prices

Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page for any enquiries with regards to a website or visit ExelWebs for your hosting and domain requirements.

All payments are done in a secure environment using Paypal.

Training and support are done using desktop-to-desktop sharing software called AnyDesk and voice-enabled Facebook Messanger (Desktop Link) 

Kind Regards
Fred Mac Donald

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