XMS Systems

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Template System

The XMS template engine is unique in the sense that it consists of three distinct different features

  1. Dynamically Rotatable banners
    You can upload as many banners as you like and activate as many as you like.
    The system will randomly select and display a banner from the list of active ones. This is an easy and interesting way to keep your pages fresh and make it interesting for the visitor.
    By selecting only one banner at a time it is easy to "seasonilise" you website or update it to reflect a local event.
  2. Per page specification of up to 3 columns
    For every page you can decide if you want to display up to 3 columns per page.
  3. Easily customisation of the colours and general rendering of the content, headers and colours of your website.
    This part of the template engine controls the look and feel of the general website, anything from the background colour to the colour of the headings and the height of the letters to the distance between lines of text in a paragraph.

With the XMS Template Engine the limitations on the look and feel of your website is only limited by your imagination.

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