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Add a New Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

Add a New Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

This tutorial will discuss the procedure to add a new tab to your Facebook Fan Page using the latest (May 2015) Facebook procedures and requirements.

Facebook Tab

There are numerous apps available to add a new tab on your face book fan page. However there is no need for any of those. With a little bit of clicking and experimenting you can do it yourself and manage your own tab without the fear of the 3rd party shutting down their app.

The first step would be to "create a new Facebook App" or if you already have one expand it to include a tab.
The facebook documentation is pretty complete and easy to follow except that it doesn't say how to actually add the tab to your page.

I am going to assume you followed my last article "create a new Facebook App" or already have a similar app running.

1. Go to your Facebook App Dashboard and click the "Settings" option.
Facebook App Settings Option

2. Click "+ Add Platform" at the bottom of the page
Add Platform

3. Click "Page Tab" from the pop-up screen,
Select Facebook Page  Platform

4. Enter the "Page Tab" information

  • Secure Page Tab URL
    This needs to be a fully qualified URL that points to a domain that runs on https (SSL Secured Page).
    A page running on http only will be rejected.
    If you do not have a Secure URL contact Exelwebs to assist you. They will host your page for you for a small fee. Included is an easy to use editor to allow you to edit your page to your requirements.
  • Page Tab Name
    This is the exact text you want to use on your tab. You can come back later and change this if need be.
  • Page Tab Edit URL can be left empty
  • Page Admin Control can be left Off
  • Wide Page Tab?
    Set this according to your requirements.
  • Click Save Changes

Enter Tab Details

This is where the Facebook documentation get vague and non-existent. Well I couldn't find it at the time of writing this tutorial...

Adding the tab to your Facebook Fan Page.

1. Open your app "Settings" page again and copy your "App ID"

2. Type the following exactly as is into your browser replacing YOUR_APP_ID with your actual App ID and the YOUR_URL with your Secure Page Tab URL you entered into the App Setting
Activate Facebook Tab

3. To Place your Tab where you want it, go to your Fan Page and click "More" and select "Manage Tabs" from the drop-down.
Manage Facebook Fan Page Tabs

4. Drag to Reorder your new tab to the correct position and click the "Save" button.
Reorder Facebook Tabs

5. Make sure to test the new tab to ensure it does what you expect it to do.

Written by:  - 15 May, 2015  
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