Configure Aircraft Manufacturers

Configure Aircraft Manufacturers

Overview of the functionality and configuration of the Aircraft Manufacturers configuration section

All aircraft are categorised by “Manufacturer”, regardless of the “type” of aircraft. This simplifies the listing if the client is interested in a specific manufacturer only.

Aircraft Manufacturers

  • Can add some general information about the manufacturer
  • Link to the manufacturers' website (for future use)
  • Display information on aircraft manufacturers index.
  • Upload a company logo
    This will also be used to display a random number of company logos on the bottom of your home page if option active
  • SEO Description for the manufacturer

Click the blue edit button to edit/update a manufacturer

Update aircraft manufacturer

  • Name
    Enter the name of the manufacturer
  • Site URL
    Enter a fully qualified domain name URL to the manufacturer's website (This option is currently not in use)
  • Display
    Only Aircraft Manufacturers with aircraft allocated to them will be displayed on the relevant pages of your website. If you do not have any aircraft from a specific manufacturer, the manufacturer will automatically be excluded from your Manufacturers index and home page regardless if you have set this to “Yes”
  • Logo
    Upload a company logo. This will be displayed on the aircraft by manufacturer index and home page.
  • SEO Description
    Give a short description of the manufacturer. This will be used for the search engines and when you share the manufacturer on social media.
  • Overview
    Here you have the opportunity to add a more detailed description of the manufacturer. This will also assist with getting your page indexed in the search engines.
Written by:  - 5 Sep, 2018  
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