Aircraft For Sale Module Configuration.

Aircraft For Sale Module Configuration.

Overview of the basic configuration for displaying your aircraft information on your XMS Systems based website

The proper display of aircraft and manufacturers will greatly depend on how much effort you put in to configure the module. We continue to work on adding as much default information as possible to try and limit the amount of work you need to do before you can launch your website

Log in and navigate to Dashboard > Website Configuration > Installed Modules > Aircraft Sales Defaults

On this page, you will see 3 blocks of information

  1. Global Ad and Aircraft Contact Form Settings
  2. Aircraft Categories
  3. Aircraft Manufacturers

XMS Systems Aircraft Sales Module General Configuration

All setting on this page will override any setting set by a specific aircrafts ad manager.

Global ad Configuration Settings

  • Minimum Ad Access
    Like with any page on XMS Systems, you can limit access to view an aircraft. This could be useful if you want to show the aircraft information to registered users only or if you suspect your opposition to scrape your aircraft database you can lock everyone out.
  • No Access Message
    This message will be displayed if a visitor attempts to view an aircraft with minimum access level set to “above” their current level.
  • Display Info
    This will allow the ad manager to display the blocks containing information on the General Information and Avionics of the aircraft.
  • Display Engine Hours
    This will allow the ad manager to display the block containing information about the aircraft's engine, prop, gearbox and rotor hours
  • Display Admin data
    Enabling this option will allow the as manager to display a block of information containing all the relevant information about the seller of the aircraft. This will obviously only be available to members with some Administration access level.
  • Admin Data Minimum Access
    Not all levels of administrators will necessarily need to see this information. Set here the minimum access level globally. The ad Manager can set any level “above” the minimum access level to lock things down a bit more if required. The data block will be minimised by default to avoid accidental exposure of sensitive information.
  • Show Wiki Info
    Enabling this option allows the ad manager to add some general information about the specific aircraft model. This information is maintained by the website owner.
  • Show More in Category
    Enabling this option will display more aircraft ads at the bottom of the page in an attempt to get the site visitor to view more relevant ads. Ads will be selected randomly from all aircraft available as “For Sale” on your database
  • Show All Aircraft in Category
    Enabling this option will allow you to show sold aircraft as well. Use this to “show off” how successful your sales team are in dealing with aircraft sales. Aircraft marked as “Sold” in admin, will show a “Sold” notification when displayed on the website.

Contact Form Settings

The following options can be displayed as a checkbox on the contact form

  • Offer Finance
  • Offer Insurance
  • Offer Ferry
  • Offer News Subscribe
    This is ticked by default and will add the name and email address to the XMS Systems News Letter subscribers list
  • Terms and Conditions
    You have the option to select the website page you use/added to stipulate your Terms and Conditions. This tickbox will be ticked by default and the link will be displayed in a pop-up modal if the user wants to read the document.
  • Contact Emails from Profiles
    If you select “Yes”, the website will retrieve the Ad Managers email address from his personal profile to use as the primary contact email on the form. The drawback of this is that if an Ad Manager leaves your company, the contact request might be missed. It could also pose a risk that the ad manager might replace his/her profile email address with a personal address and redirect your leads. To prevent this, all requests will be cc’s to the Default Sales Contact email address as well.
    Alternatively, you can use the default email address for all contact requests.
  • Default Sales Contact
    This would be the email address used as the CC address in the contact form emails or the primary contact for leads generated by the contact form.
XMS Systems Aircraft Information Requests form

Aircraft Categories

Aircraft Categories

Read the aircraft categories configuration article here

Aircraft Manufacturers
Aircraft Manufacturers

Read aircraft manufacturers configuration article here

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